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Canadian Copyright

Terms of Canadian Copyright

Access Copyright Access Copyright is a company that allows users to access copyright protected materials legally, making sure the transaction is fair. (http://www.accesscopyright.ca/about-us/)
Copyright A copyright is the rules regarding a specific piece of creative material; it must be fixed (cannot be ideas or concepts). These rules include the right to produce, adapt, perform, publish, communicate, or rent out the material.
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property is the original ideas of a person
Royalty A royalty is an amount of money paid to the owner of a specific copyright for their product.
Trade-Marks Trademarks are used to distinguish between two products or companies. This includes slogans, logo's, names, etc.
Public Domain Public Domain is the term used to describe works that are accessible to anyone without permission or payment. This occurs when copyright expires.
Moral Rights Moral rights attach their creative work to their identity, allowing the author the right to their work, to be associated with it or to remain anonymous if they wish.
Performing Rights Performing Rights are the performer's rights to communicate, perform, reproduce their performance
Plagiarism Plagiarism is the act of taking the ideas or work of someone else and displaying it as your own.
Fair Dealing Fair dealing is an exception in the Canadian Copyright Act that allows someone to copy a work for specific purposes only, such as education.
Patent A patent is an official government paper that protects the invention of something new so that the creator is protected from others who may try to steal or profit from the invention.
Blanket License A blanket license is a license that covers many aspects or companies' copyrights at one time.
Created by: laurenb_9