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114 week 5 notes

PHM 114 week 5 final notes

Pharmacies set GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE based on the facility? True or False? False.
A solute is an ingredient that is dissolved into a solution. True or False? True.
A solution is an oil based in which the ingredient or ingredients dissolve completely. True or False? False. (water base not oil base)
Solvent is the lesser part of a solution that does not dissolve a solvent. True or False? False. (greater part not lesser and does dissolve a solvent)
What is a syrup? A sugar-based liquid.
A troche is dissolved under the tongue. True or False? False. (between the cheek and gum)
When was the first U.S. pharmacopoeia published? 1820.
The only dosage forms that can be compounded are topicals, oral solids and suppositories. WRONG! Topicals, oral solids, oral liquids, suppositories.
What personal protective equipments should be worn? Gloves, goggles, gown, hair cover, lab coat, mask and shoe covers.
The four taste the tongue recongnizes include sweet, sour, salty and ________. Bitter.
Explain the 20% rule. Choose a graduate no less than 20% of the capacity of a graduate.
For drugs that react chemically with sugars, the following can be added: Bentonite, Calcium carbonate, ______ ______ and ________. Calcium phosphate and Kaolin.
Tablets can be taken orally only. True or False? False. (orally, sublingually and buccally)
Drugs used to make lozenges include Phenol, Sodium phenolate, Benzocaine, Cetylpyridinium chloride and may also contain what? (There's 5 of them) anesthetics, antimicrobials, antitussives, antiemetics, and decongestants.
Inhalants are at a high risk for ______. Cross-contamination.
Ophthalmic suspensions are recommended to only have particles no bigger than ______. 10 micrometers.
How much propranolol must be used to make 240ml of a 3% suspension? 7.2g
How much KCI would be needed to make 450ml of a 20% solution? 90g
How much hydrocortisone powder would be needed to make 60g of a 10% cream? 6g
How much diazepam would be needed to makeg360ml of a 0.5% suspension? 1.8g
How much NaCI would needed to make 1000ml of a 0.9% solution? 9
Order: 300g 80% Cream A Supply: 95% and 10% Cream A 247g (A/95%) 53g(A/10%)
Order: 240ml 30% Drug B Supply: 80% and 20% Drug B 40ml (B/80%) 200ml (B/20%)
Order: 6ml 1.5% Tobramycin Ophthalmic Solution Supply: 0.3% Tobramycin Ophthalmic Solution 80mg/2ml Tobramycin Steril Injection 0.3% Tobramycin Ophthalmic 4ml 80mg/2ml Tobramycin Sterile Injection 2ml
Created by: dmhehr



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