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RADT 456 rad prot.

ARRT reg review

What type of dose response curve used to predict stochastic effects is the linear nonthreshold
A dose of 0.25 Gy or 25 rad to the fetus during the 3rd/4th week of pregnancy is more likely to cause _____ _____ skeletal anomalies
What is the effect on relative biologic effectiveness(RBE) as LET decreases RBE decreases
How does filtration affect primary beam filtration increases average energy of primary beam
The principal function of -ray beam filtration is to reduce patient skin dose
Patient dose can be decreased by using high-speed film and screen combination
Each time an x-ray photon scatters, its intensity at 1 meter from the scattering object is what fraction of its original intensity 1/1000
Guidelines used to reduce personnel and/or patient dose in fluoroscopy; 1)..... 2)..... 1)maximum tabletop intensity 10R/min 2)minimum filtration 2.5 mm Al equivalent
Primary radiation barriers must be at least how high 7 feet
The operation of personal radiation monitoring devices can depend upon 1.....2..... 1)ionization 2)thermoluminescence
What type of crystals are used in an optically luminescent dosimetry system aluminum oxide
The unit of measurement used to express occupational exposure is the Rem/Sievert
Exposure rate to individual standing 4 m from a source of radiation 10mR/h, what will be the dose received after 20 min at a distance of 6 m from the source 1.48 mR
The interaction between ionization radiation and the target molecule that is most likely to occur is the indirect effect
What is the established annual occupational dose-equivalent limit for the lens of the eye 150 mSv
Occupational radiation monitoring is required when it is possible that the individual might receive more than 1/10 annual dose limit
Source of natural background radiation contributing to whole-body radiation dose include 1 & 2 1)terrestrial radionuclides 2)internal radionuclides
What are used to account for the differences in tissue characteristics when determining effective dose to biologic material tissue weighting factors
The exposure rate to the body 4 ft from the source of radiation is 16 R/h. What distance from source would be necessary to decrease the exposure to 6 R/h 7 ft
A thermoluminescent dosimetry system would use what crystal lithium fluoride
The photoelectric effect is more likely to occur with; 1..... 2..... 1)absorbers having high Z number 2)positive contrast media
What anomalies are possible if an exposure dose of 40 rad(400mGy) were delivered to a pregnant uterus in the 3rd week of pregnancy organ anomaly
Medical and dental radiation accounts for what percentage of the general public's exposure to human-made radiation 90%
Patient dose increases as fluoroscopic FOV decreases
What unit of measure is used to express ionizing radiation dose to biologic material Rem(Sv)
For exposure to 1 rad of ionizaing radiations, what would result in the greatest dose to the individual internal source alpha particles
Biologic material is least sensitive to irradiation under what condition anoxia
The reduction in the intensity of an x-ray beam as it passes through material is termed attenuation
According to NCRP regulations, leakage radiation from the x-ray tube must not exceed 100 mR/h
What most effectively can minimize radiation exposure to the patient high-speed intensifying screens
Primary radiation barriers usually require ___ thickness of shielding 1/16 in lead
According to the NCRP, the annual occupational dose-equivalent limit(50 rem) to the thyroid, skin, and extremities is 500 mSv
What is the intensity of scatter radiation perpendicular to and 1 m from the patient compared with the useful beam at the patient's surface 0.1%
The amount of time that x-rays are being produced and directed toward a particular wall is referred to as the use factor
What typeof personnel radiation monitor can provide an immediate reading ionization chamber
The law of Bergonie and Tribondeau states that cells are more radiosensitive if they are 1..... 2..... 1)highly proliferative 2)immature
The most radiosensitive portion of GI tract is the small bowel
What body parts are included in whole-body dose 1.....2..... 1)gonads 2)blood-forming organs
What personnel monitoring devices used in diagnostic radiography is considered to be the most sensitive and accurate OSL dosimeter
Examples of late effects of ionizing radiation on humans include 1)leukemia 2)local tissue damage 3)malignant disease
What cells are most radiosensitive erythroblasts
What contributes most to patient dose photoelectric effect
Biologic material irradiated under hypoxic conditions is less sensitive than under oxygenated conditions
Which interaction between ionizing radiation and the target molecule involves formation of a free radical indirect effect
Student radiographer under 18 years old must not receive an annual occupational dose of greater than 0.1 rem (1 mSv)
3 types of secondary radiation barriers include 1)control booth 2)lead aprons 3)x-ray tube housing
Somatic effects of radiation refer to effects that are manifested during life of exposed individual
The dose of radiation that will cause a noticeable skin reaction is referred to as the SED
Somatic effects resulting from radiation exposure can; 1..... 2..... 1)have possible consequences on exposed individual 2)cause temporary infertility
Protective devices such as lead aprons function to protect the user from scattered radiation
The tabletop exposure rate during fluoroscopy shall not exceed 10 R/min
3 things that are considered radiosensitive tissues 1)bone marrow 2)intestinal crypt cells 3)erythroblast
The correct way to check for cracks in lead aprons is to fluoroscope them once a year
The target theory applies to DNA molecules
Where have sources of radon exposure been identified 1)indoors, in houses 2)smoking cigarettes
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