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Concrete Conctruction

Types of Rebar: Epoxy Coated
Types of Rebar Stainless Steel
Types of Rebar Fiber(Nylon, Rope etc)
Types of Rebar Steel Burrs
Superflat Floors: F sub F Flat Measured over 24" lenghth (With Machine)
Superflat Floors: F sub L Measured for level every 10' (With Machine)
Rebar Chairs: Are ordered in? High
Rebar Chairs: Are ordered in? Low
Rebar Chairs: Are ordered in? Circular
Rebar Chairs: Are ordered in? Stack-able
Bolsters Are long strands of Chairs connected together.
Note: Do not use brick as a chair of bolster
Welded wire fabric is typically not reinforcement. But can come in a #6 bars id special ordered.
Welded wire fabric Purpose: to limit rise and fall of the Elevation of the concrete.
Tip: Spray Water on concrete to find the low spots.
Prep subgrade by compaction
Cupping Condition Always occurs at outer extremities due to rapid evaporation of water.
Consolidation buzz the forms with a vibrator or slap it with a hammer.
External Vibrators are available in: Air
External Vibrators are available in: Gas
External Vibrators are available in: Electric
SJ Solid Joint
CJ Construction Joint
Anchor Bolts are ordered in: Double Nut
Hickey Bar Is used for straightening or adjusting anchor bolts or rebar.
Lap Splice The larger the bar the longer the lap.
LWTB Long ways top and bottom
JWTB Short ways top and bottom
EW Each way
BW Both ways
Rebar types of steel: Billet Steel New Steel
Rebar types of steel: Rail Steel Rail Road Track recycled steel
Rebar types of steel: Axle Steel Rail Road Axle recycled steel
Rebar is measured C/C or Center to Center
To Calculate lap on drilled piers: pi x D + overlap
Sheer studs aka: Nelsons
1 gallon of water will increase slump: by 1"
1 gallon of water will decrease strenghth by 200psi
Created by: mr.vonlipich
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