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English Mid-Term111


Langston Hughes Salvation Black American Author Theme: Church, Religion Tone: Misunderstanding Child's View, Sermon
George Orwell A Hanging Real Name: Eric Blair British Novelist born in India Known for Satire Theme: Jail, Hanging Tone: Sarcasm
Rick Bragg All Over but The Shouting Former NY Times Reporter Theme: Memoir - Final visit to dying father Tone: Vivid details and rich dialogue
Mark Twain Two Ways of Seeing A River Real Name: Samuel Clements Theme: Steamboat, life experience Tone: Metaphor, analogy
Alice Walker Am I Blue? Theme: Horse Tone: Comparison, contrast, analogy
Experiences Understanding of an object, thought or emotion through the senses or mind.
Punctuation The mark as a period, comma, and parentheses to separate sentences and to clarify meaning.
Analogy Similarity to a comparison of an object Resemblance (Ladder vs DNA strand)
Emotion Particular feeling to characterize the state of mind. Joy, anger, love, horror, etc
Metaphor A simile when you compare something to an object or action. He jumped like a rabbit.
Theme A key idea which an author wants the reader to get out of the writing Title that introduces something.
Narration A story told to a group of people. Tale.
Thesis A main idea of an essay, often written as a single declarative sentence. 1st sentence in an essay.
Bruce Catton Grant & Lee: A Study in Contrast Tone: Contrast and comparison Theme: General and soldiers, Rich and poor
Gary Taubes What If It's All Been A Big Fat Lie? Theme: Obesity, Epidemic Tone: Argument
Joanna McKay Organ Sales Will Save Lives Theme: Sales of organ sold legally Tone: Argument
What are the 2 types of Argument are? Logical and Persuasion Logical - Reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or lie Persuasion - Convince others to agree facts or accept an argument to a conclusion
What are the 3 figures of speech? Metaphor, Personification, Simile (MPS) Metaphor- Comparison of 2 unlike things Personification - Giving human characteristics to anything not human Simile - Comparison of 2 unlike things
What are the conjunctive adverbs? However, Hence, Moreover, In Addition, On The Other Hand, Consequently, Nevertheless
What are the 3 writing process to an essay? 1) pre-writing - brainstorm ideas 2) writing - write 1st draft 3) re-writing - proof read and edit
What are the coordinating conjunctions For And Nor But Or Yet So (FANBOYS)
What are the 2 Argument Essays? Organ Sales Will Save Lives What If It's Been A Big Fat Lie?
What are the 2 Comparison/Contrast Essays? Grant & Lee Two Ways of Seeing A River
Allusion A brief indirect reference to a person, place, or event - real or fictional (Blue for Sad)
Comma Splice A comma joining two independent clauses Ex: It's half past five, we cannot reach town before dark.
Tone Author's emotional attitude toward the subject matter Humor, anger, sadness, guilt, etc
Grammar A sentence that is constructed together.
Imagery Vivid language which appeals to the senses vivid description of an item or way
What are the 2 types of thesis? Pro and Con Pro - Positive statement to support a thesis Con - Negative statement against a thesis
What are the 4 Narrative essays? Salvation Am I Blue? A Hanging All Over But The Shouting
Verbal Irony Person says or writes one thing and means another Sarcasm
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