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RADT 456 Img Acq & E

ARRT registry review covering image acquisition & evaluation

What is another name for projection radiography or traditional radiography? Screen-film (SF) imaging; Pg. 297
4 details that image quality consists of: image density, contrast or gray scale, recorded detail, and distortion; Pg. 298
The exposure/technical factors we use to create the image are what? Milliamperage (mA), exposure time (s), kilovoltage (kV), and SID; Pg. 298
List all of the geometric factors. OID, SID, Focal Spot Size, Distortion, Structural position and shape, and motion; Pg. 298
What term refers to the clarity, resolution, with which anatomic structures are represented in the x-ray image? Recorded detail; Pg. 298
T/F: Geometrically recorded detail improves as OID decreases. True; Pg. 301
T/F: Geometrically recorded detail improves as SID increases. True; Pg. 301
T/F: An object will be foreshortened if a linear stucture is angled within the body, that is, not parallel with the long axis of the part/body and not parallel to the IR, that anatomic structure will appear smaller. True; Pg. 303
What occurs when the x-ray tube is angled? Elongation; Pg. 303
What three terms refer to the unsharpness around image details? Focal spot blur, geometric unsharpness, edge gradient; Pg. 305
What, such as peristaltic activity, muscle spasms, and heart action, cannot be controlled by the patient? Involuntary motion; Pg. 309
What is occasionally used to blur out unwanted structures so that the area of interest can be seen to better advantage? Deliberate motion; Pg. 310
What percent of the exposure received by the film emulsion is from fluorescent light emitted by intensifying screen phosphors? 98%; Pg. 311
T/F: Phosphors with low atmoic number react to x-ray photons more efficiently and possess greater speed. False; *high atomic number; Pg. 312
T/F: Factors affecting density and contrast in SF imaging have little to no effect on similar characteristics seen in digital x-ray images. True; Pg. 314
T/F: As the distance between the x-ray tube and the IR increases, exposure rate decreases according to the inverse square law. True; Pg. 318
What amplifies the effect of x-rays on film emulsion by means of fluorescence. Intensifying screens; Pg. 321
What are the two kinds of grids made? Stationary and moving; Pg. 323
T/F: Balancing uneven tissue densities is less problematic in digital imaging. True; Pg. 330
As changes are made in the size of the irradiation field, an accompanying change in ___ is require to maintain the same image density. mAs; Pg. 336
T/F: Factors affecting density and contrast in SF imaging have little to no effect on similar characteristics seen in digital x-ray images. True; Pg. 339
The function of what is to make image details visible. Contast Scale; Pg. 340
T/F: As the size of the x-ray field is recuced, there is less area and tissue volume for scattered radiation to be generated. True; Pg. 344
In radiography, what two terms are used to describe what image quality is? Recorded detail and detail visibility; Pg. 354
As matrix size increases, for a fixed FOV, pixel size is ___ and better image resolution results. Smaller; Pg. 355
If an IP and its PSP storage plate has been stored, unused, for an extended period of time, such as ____ hours, the PSP storage plate should be erased prior to use. 48 Hours; Pg. 361
What offers wide dynamic range and automatic optimization of the radiologic image? CR; Pg. 364
What must be appropriate for the type of film used, bright enough to provide adequate illumination, but must not expose the sensitive emulsions. Safelight illumination; Pg. 382
What follows the processor developer, fixer, and wash tanks? Dryer; Pg. 385
The PSP layer can store its latent image for several hours; however, after approximately ___ hours, noticeable image fading will occur. 8; Pg. 391
What uses solid-state dectector plates as the x-ray image receptor to inercept the x-ray beam? DR; Pg. 405
What are two examples of handling artifacts? Scratches and dust; Pg. 419
Created by: Kaci Gehlhausen