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Italian Reflexive Verbs

Conjugate alzarsi to stand up; to get up - mi alzo I get myself up ti alzi you get yourself up si alza he/she gets himself up ci alziamo we get ourselves up vi alzate you get yourselves up si alzano they get themselves up
With dovere, potere or volere the reflexive pronoun precede a conjugated verb or attach to the infinitive. Mi voglio alzare or Voglio alzarmi. Devo alzarmi or Mi devo alzare.
Chiamarsi - to be called Chiamare - to call (someone) to call someone - chiamo, chiami, chiama, chiamiamo, chiamate, chiamano
Lavarsi - to wash (oneself) Lavare - to wash (someone/something) Lavo, lavi, lave, laviamo, lavate, lavano
Fermarsi - to stop (oneself) Fermare - to stop (someone/something) Fermo, fermi, ferma, fermiamo, fermate, fermano
Svegliarsi - to wake up Svegliare - to wake (someone else) Sveglio, svegli, sveglia, svegliamo, svegliate, svegliano
Passato prossimo of reflexive verbs is formed with present tense of essere and the past participle. It must agree with gender and number. alazarsi mi sono alzato/a, ti sei alzato/a, si e alzato/a, ci siamo alzati/e, vi siete alzati/e, si sono alzati/e
Fermarsi is reflexive verb meaning to stop oneself (from moving). Fermare means to stop someone or something. Quando corro, mi fermo per bere acqua. Fermo la macchina all'incrocio.
Smettere (di) is nonreflexive meaning to stop doing something. Smettiamo di lavorare alle sei. We stop working at six. Bambini, smettete di urlare. Kids stop yelling.
Conjugate addormentarsi to fall asleep
Conjugate annoiarsi to get bored
Conjugate arrabbiarsi to get angry
Conjugate diplomarsi to graduate from high school
Conjugate divertirsi to enjoy oneself; have a good time
Conjugate fare bella figura to look good; to make a good impression, present a good image
Conjugate fare il bagno to take a bath
Conjugate fare la doccia to take a shower
Conjugate farsi la barba to shave (men)
Conjugate lamentarsi (di) to complain about
Conjugate laurearsi to graduate from college
Conjugate lavarsi to wash oneself - i capelli - to wash one's hair, i denti to brush one's teeth, la faccia to wash one's face
Conjugate mettersi to put on (clothes) le lenti a contatto- to put in contact lenses, il rossetto - to put on lipstick
Conjugate portare to wear - when using reflexive pronouns
Conjugate rilassarsi to relax
Conjugate sbagliarsi to make a mistake
Conjugate sentirsi (bene, male, stanco, contento) to feel (good, bad, tired, happy) mi sento, ti senti, si sente, ci sentiamo, vi sentite, si sentono
Conjugate sposarsi to get married
Conjugate svegliarsi to wake up
Conjugate tornare (a) to return to (a place)
Conjugate truccarsi to put on make-up
Conjugate vestirsi to get dressed
l'abito dress; suit
il bottone button
le calze socks
la maglia sweater
la felpa sweatshirt
la t-shirt t-shirt
i vestiti clothes
il berretto hat
la camicia shirt
Created by: brosborough