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vocabulary for social studies

Abolisionist Those people who wanted to abolish or end slavery, who left the state were Angelina and Sarah Grimke of Charleston.
Industry The manufacture or production of goods;a specific branch of manufacturing, such as the automobile industry.
Discrimination occurs when people are denied their rights or treated unfairly.
Overseer was the preson who was responsible for seeing that slaves performed the task assigned to them.
Antebellum The period before the civil war between 1820 and 1860-S.C. and the U.S. went mainly through many changes.
Spirituals songs about Jesus and other biblical characters, to work by and send messages.
Seminaries a private academey for young women in the antebellum period.
Curriculum the course of study, went beyond reading,writing , and mathmetics
Normal Schools a school where teachers were trained.
Asylums facilities where they could be treated for their disorders.
Tenant farmers cleared the land and planted crops but did not own the land they farmed.
Class refers to a group of people of the same social or economis level.
Paradox is something that that seems to contract itself
Drivers a slave placed in charge ;some planters even had black overseers.
Created by: AleA