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mild stones

May begin rolling 2-3 mos
Hand to foot play 2-3 mos
Head lags in pull to sit 2-3 mos
pivot 30 degrees 2-3 mos
Briefly holds toy placed in hand. hand to mouth; bats at bright objects; hands to midline 2-3 mos
Reaches in prone 4-6 mos
pushes up to extended arms 4-6 mos
begins rolling supine to sidelying 4-6 mos
propped to independent sitting 4-6 mos
pivots in prone 4-6 mos
holds 2 objects 4-6 mos
Brings toy to mouth 4-6 mos
Rocks on hands and knees 7-10 mos
prone to sitting 7-10 mos
lifts head as in sit-up 7-10 mos
sitting to prone or quadrupled 7-10 mos
Rotates in sitting to retrieve objects 7-10 mos
Moves forward on belly 7-10 mos
Pulls to standing. Briefly stands independently 7-10 mos
grasp progresses from radial to inferior to lateral pattern. 7-10 mos
Spontaneously releases objects 7-10 mos
prone to standing 11-12 mos
side-sits 11-12 mos
Walks - one hand held; stands alone; stand to sit 11-12 mos
begins to use objects as tools 11-12 mos
prone to standing using half-kneel 13-14 mos
Walks with out support; walks backward; 13-14 mos
Assist with feeding 13-14 mos
Stoops to retrieve objects, regains standing 13-14 mos
holds 2 cubes in same hand 13-14 mos
Grasp with thumb and first two fingers 13-14 mos
Pats pictures in book 13-14 mos
Creeps up stairs 15-18
Walks up stairs with support 15-18 mos
Carries objects while walking 15-18 mos
Walk sideways; running immature 15-18 mos
Stoops to retrieve objects stably 19-22 mos
Builds 3 cube tower 15-18 mos
Propels ball 15-18 mos
Pokes with finger 15-18 mos
Ascends stairs with step-to pattern 19-22 mos
Builds 5-6 cube tower 19-22 mos
kicks ball; throws ball forward 24 mos
jumps off low step 24 mos
one foot leads jumping off steps 30 mos
climbs on tricycle 30 mos
Eight cube tower 30 mos
Imitates circular and horizontal strokes with crayon 30 mos
propels self on tricycle; balance on foot momentarily; independent on tricycle; balances one foot >3 sec 3-3.5 years
9 cube tower with bridges 3-3.5 years
unbutton and buttons; strings large beads 3-3.5 years
Dominant hand emerging 3-3.5 years
Arms reciprocate in runnign 3-3.5 years
hops 2 to 3 times; walks on tiptoes; runs with arm swings 4-4.5 years
Catches large ball; throws ball 8-12 inches; Jumps both feet 2-3 inches 4-4.5 years
Tripod pencil grasp; attempt to trace line; cuts shapes from paper 4-4.5 years
Jumps forward and sideways; jumps over 6-8 inch obects 5-8 years
Skips, gallops, bounces large balls, and jumps 5-8 years
Draws letters,shapes, and numbers 5-8 years
places pegs in pegboard 5-8 years
Buttons small buttons 5-8 years
mature patterns in running, jumping, and throwing 9-12 years
Handwriting develops; learns to draw 9-12 years
Created by: ckdabne



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