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RADT 456 Image Acqui

ARRT Registry Review

What are the three rare earth phosphors? Gadolinium, Lanthanum, Yttrium
True or false, intensifying screens are a part of SF imaging as well as CR imaging? False, SF only
Describe the Inverse Square Law. The intensity of light at a particular distance from its source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance
What are the three things that x-ray photons can do? Penetrate, scatter, absorb
What are the two types of grids? stationary and moving
The primary beam has a total filtration rate of how much? 2.5 mm Al
What are some examples of inherent filtration? glass envelope and the collimator
Are the following pathologies additive or destructive? Ascites, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Paget Disease, Pneumonia, Atelectasis, Congestive Heart Failure, Edematous Tissues Additive
When changing from a single phase to three phase 12 pulse, what happens to the mAs? The mAs is 1/2 as much
When changing from a single phase to a three phase 6 pulse, what happens to the mAs? The mAs is 2/3 less
What happens during the Anode Heel Effect? The thicker body portion is placed under the cathode end of the x-ray beam
What is the function of contrast? To make detail of the image visible
High contrast is... short scale and lower kV
Low contrast is... long scale and higher kV
What are two types of AECs? Phototimer and Ionization chamber
Name the fixed kVs for the following: skull, abdomen, lateral lumbar, barium studies, and chest examinations? extemities- 55 skull-75 abdomen-75 lateral lumbar-90 barium studies-120 chest exams-120
What are the advantages of SF systems? high spatial resolution and image consistency
What is a pixel? 2 dementional picture element
What is a voxel? 3 dementional volume element
What is a matrix? number of pixels
What is the field of view? the amount of the part or patient that is included in the matrix
CR spatial resolution improves with? smaller pixel pitch, greater pixels/mm, and greater sampling frequency
What are the layers of the PSP storage plate? protective coat, phosphors in binder material, reflective backing, polyester base support material, antistatic layer, and lead foil backing
What are the terms used in CR/DR imaging that are assoiciated with the SF imaging terms of Latitude, Contrast, Density, Recoreded detail/Sharpness, and resolution? Dynamic range, Contrast resolution, Brightness, SNR, and Spatial frequency
CR resolution increases as... PSP phosphor size decreases, laser beam size decreases, and monitor matrix size increases
What are the types of artifacts? Handling, Processing, and Exposure
What are the 4 parts required to be included on the x-ray image? patient name/ ID number, side marker, examination date, and institution's name
What order does the film run through the processor? Developer, Fixer, Wash, and Dryer
What are the two types of silver recovery? Electrolytic and Metallic displacement
What is a histogram? An analysis and graphic representation of all the densities from the PSP screen, demonstrating the quantity of exposure, the number of pixels, and their value
CR resolution increases as... PSP phosphor size decreases, laser beam size decreases, and monitor matrix size increases
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