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Exam 2 Drugs.


phenytoin anti-epileptic, prolongation of Na channel inactivation
carbamaepine anti-epileptic, prolongation of Na channel inactivation
valproate anti-epileptic, prolongation of Na channel inactivation, supression of ca influx
lamotrigine anti-epileptic, prolongation of Na channel inactivation
ethosuximide anti-epileptic, suppression of ca influx
tiagabine anti-epileptic, increased GABA action by prolonging presence of GABA in the synapse
vigabatrin anti-epileptic, increased GABA action by inhibiting the enzyme that degrades GABA
thiopental IV general anesthetic, produces unconisiousness in 10-30 sec
etomidate IV general anesthetic, primarily for patients at risk for hypotension
propofol IV general anesthetic
ketamine IV general anesthetic
opium the product of poppy plant and contains psychoactive substances including morphine, codeine, thebaine, papaverine, and noscapine
opiates opium and its constituents and their semi-synthetic derivatives (heroin)
opiods opiates and related synthetic substances (fentanyl, oxycodone)
morphine strong agonist, analgesics
heroin strong agonist, analgesics
hydromorphone (dilaudid) strong agonist, analgesics
oxymorphone (dolophine) strong agonist, analgesics
meperidine (demerol) strong agonist, analgesics
fentanyl (sublimaze) strong agonist, analgesics, Duragesic, Actiq
levorphanol (levo-dromoran) strong agonist, analgesics
codeine mild-moderate agonist, analgesics
oxycodone (oxycontin) mild-moderate agonist, analgesics, dispensed aspirin, APAP, Ibu
hydrocodone (vicodin) mild-moderate agonist, analgesics, dispensed with APAP or Ibu
propoxyphene (darvon) mild-moderate agonist, analgesics, dispensed alone or incombination with aspirin and caffeine or APAP
pentazocine (talwin) agonist-antagonist opioid, analgesic
butorphanol (stadol) agonist-antagonist opioid, analgesic
Buprenorphine (buprenex, suboxone) partial agonists, analgesics
naloxone central/peripheral opioid antagonists, treat opioid toxicity
naltrexone central/peripheral opioid antagonists, treatment of opioid addiction
methylnaltrexone peripheral opioid antagonists, treat opioid induced constipation
alvimopan peripheral opioid antagonists, treat opioid induced constipation
tramadol atypical opioid, activate U, inhibit NE and 5-HT
tapentadol atypical opioid, activate u, NE reuptake inhibitor
gabapentin anticonvulsants, neuropathic pain and epilepsy
pregabalin anticonvulsants, neuropathic pain and epilepsy
paroxetine antidepressants
duloxetine antidepressant, diabetic neuropathy, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic musculoskeletal pain, SNRI
ziconotide n type calcium channel blocker, for severe chronic pain
sumatriptan migraine
zolmitriptan migraine
amphetamine (benzedrine) racemic mixture
D-amphetamine (dexedrine) dextroamphetamine
methylphenidate (ritalin) attention deficit disorder
fenfluramine (redux) anorectic
phenmetrazine (preludin) anorectic
nicotine nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist, acts on adrenal glands to induce epi release
bupropion (zyban, wellbutrin) NET/DAT inhibitor, treats nicotine cravings and withdrawal
varenicline (chantix) smoking cessation
acamprosaate (campral) alcoholism treatment, does not prevent withdrawal
disulfram (antabus) alcholism treatment, inhibitor of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase
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