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Unit 9

accelerate to speed up, cause to move faster; to bring about move quickly step up, quicken, hasten slow down, retard, decelerate
bystander one who looks on or observes, a person present but not taking part observer, spectator, onlooker active participant
canvass to go through an area in order to procure votes, sales, or opinions; to go over in detail; to discuss poll, survey, solicit
casual happening by chance or on an irregular basis; showing little concern; informal accidental, haphazard, offhand formal, serious, premeditated, intentional
downtrodden treated unfairly and cruelly, oppressed mistreated, ground underfoot uplifted, liberated
entice to attract, tempt lure, beguile nauseate, sicken, revolt, repel
erode to wear away gradually, eat away corrode, abrade nurture, promote, encourage
flounder to thrash about in a clumsy or ineffective way wallow, struggle
graphic lifelike, vivid; relating to the pictorial arts lively, colorful, descriptive dull, boring, unrealistic, colorless
gruesome horrible, revolting, ghastly gory, hideous, grisly pleasant, delightful, appealing
melancholy sad, gloomy, unhappy; sadness, gloominess depressed, dejected; dejection, depression merry, happy, cheerful; joy, elation
ordeal a difficult or painful experience, a trial test, hardship pleasure, cinch
parch to make dry and thirsty; to shrivel with heat dry p, dehydrate, desiccate soak, drench, saturate, waterlog
persist to continue steadily in a course of action, refuse to stop or be changed; to last, remain persevere, keep at it, endure give up, discontinue
puny of less than normal strength or size; of no importance undersized, pint-size, small, weak robust, brawny, mammoth, gigantic
quibble to evade or belittle a point by twisting words or raising minor objections; a petty objection nitpick, split hairs, cavil, squabble
ratify to approve, give formal approval to, confirm endorse, sanction, uphold cancel, repeal, annul, veto
regal royal, kinglike; fit for a king majestic, stately, princely, august lowly, humble, abject, servile
stifle to smother, prevent from breathing; to hold back or choke off strangle, suppress, snuff nurture, promote, encourage
vital having life, living; necessary to life, essential; key, crucial indispensable, fundamental nonessential, unnecessary
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