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Week 4 114 final

Week 4 114 final notes

Achromycin (tetracycline), Bacitracin (bacitracin), Bactroban (mupirocin), Cleocin T gel (clindamycin), Dynapen (dicloxacillin), Eryderm (erythromycin), Neomycin (neomycin) and neosporin are all what? Antibacterials.
The anatomy of the skin are _____, ______, and _____. Skin, hair and nails.
Acne, burns and huves are the most common conditions treat at ______. Home.
Mild acne is treat with _______ ______. benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.
More severe acne may require the use of topical or systemic antibiotics in addition to _______. keratolytics.
The causes of photosensitivity may include contact with __________,_______,______ or the presence of of a disease process such as ________,______. chemicals, systemic medications or herbs. AND lupus or porphyria.
if a sunburn is severe, topical agents such as _____ may be prescribed to prevent infection. Silvadene.
Burn range from ____ to ____. 1st degree, 4th degree.
A common wart is caused by a _____ that results in growths on the _____. virus, skin.
Simplex and Zoster are two different types of ______. Herpes.
When the immune system is weakend, people who suffer from herpes are more prone to ______. outbreaks.
Inflammation can be caused by _______, _______, ______. infection, allergic reactions or injury.
Two types of inflammation are ______ and _____. acute and chronic.
Acute inflammation is described as what? Only last a few days, and the body usually can recover without the aid of any medication.
Chronic inflammation is described as what? Can arise from an acute case of inflammation or from an injury.
The adrenal cortex synthezises clucocoricoids and mineralocorticoids; both are referred to as ________. corticosteroids.
Depending on the length that steroids are used, the body can take how long to begin production of glucocorticoids? days to years.
Steroids are available in what forms? oral, parentarel, topical and inhalation.
Glucocorticoids have two major effects on the body, _______ and _______. physiological and pharmacological.
What 3 tests are used to measure pain? Sonogram, ultrasound and cardiogram.
A degenerative joint disease and is a common type of arthritis seen in persons over the age of 45 is known as what? Osteoarthritis.
Antihistamines are most effective when taken when? Before an allergic reaction.
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