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causes or factors of that contribute to medication errors

calculation errors made by using the wrong concentration of stock solutions misplaceing a decimal point or using wrong conversions. neglect to double check or rely on their memory
improper use of zeros failure to write a leading zero in front of a number less than one. writing unnecessary trailing zeros can also be confusing
decimal points misplacing a decimal point by one place results in errors tenfold greater or less than intended
inappropriate use of abbrevations U IU Q.D QD qd qod QOD MS MSO4 X.O .X > < @ cc
careless prescribing verbal orders confusion regarding the concentration of a product illegible handwriting missing information use of the apothecary system
illegible handwriting contributes to medication errors
missing information lack of complete medical information about a patient such as age weight height allergies and diagnosis.
drug product characteristics look a like and sound alike names the use of numbers or letters as part of the drug name product labeling color coding and advertising
compounding/drug preparation errors these errors can be difficult fro others to catch. includes reading product labels carefully not processing more than one prescription at a time labeling prescriptions properly storing drugs properly and keeping up with changes in the medical profession
prescription labeling labels that are difficult to read can result in miscommunication and medication errors. ink and toner cartidges and printer ribbons should be changed before the print is too faded to read should be free of smudges and aligned appropriately
work environment inadequate lighting poorly designed work spaces and inefficient workflow can make it difficult to perfomr assigned duties accurately cluttered work spaces and stock areas can increase the risk of picking up the wrong drug interruptions from phone calls
deficiencies in medication use systmes medications errors can not be attributed to human error alone. errors are frequently due in part to defective or inadequate systems. lack of standardized procedures or outdated procedures can also lead to errors
look alike sound alike drug names hundreds of drugs sound or look alike. drugs can sometimes be similar in brand and generic name used for a simliar condition
numbers and letters manufacturers sometimes include numbers and letters as prefixes and suffixes to brand names eg. tylenol #3 percocet-5 they can sometimes be misinterpreted as the dose.
color coding manufacturers may change their packaging color scheme at any time medications products with similar colors can be misplaced in the stock areas and can be easily be dispensed
advertising journal advertisments may include abbreviations lack of adequate dosage strength indentification inappropriate use of decimals points when frequently seen its more likely to lead to error
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