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RADT 318 Ch.13 Path

Sinus and Orbit Pathology

Fracture A break in the structure of the bone cause by a direct or indirect force.
Blowout fx Fx of the floor of the orbit cause by an object striking the eyes straight on. as the floor of the orbit ruptures this causes the muscle to be forced into the maxillary sinus causing entrapment and diplopia( double vision)
Tripod Fx caused my blow to the cheek resulting in fx of the ZYGOMA in 3 places, ORBITAL process, MAXILLARY process, and the ARCH. Resulting in a FREE FLOATING zygo bone
Le Fort a sever BILATERAL horizontal fx of the MAXILLAE that may result in an unstable detached fragment
Contrecoup an injury or fx to one side of a structure that is caused from impact from the opposite side
Neoplasm new or ABNORMAL GROWTH (TUMOR) that may occur in the skeletal structures of the Face RA= Increase or decrease in density pending on lesion type.
Osteomyelitis localized infection of bone and bone marrow caused by penetrating bacteria from trauma to the bone or a post op fx; can also be spread via blood from a distant site RA= Soft tissue swelling and loss of cortical margins
Sinusitis Infection of the sinus MUCOSA that may be acute or chronic. Headache pain and swelling over affected sinus and low grade fever RA= Sinus mucosal thickening, air fluid levels, opacified sinus
Secondary Osteomyelitis Infection of the bone marrow as a result of sinusitis. Results in EROSION OF THE BONY MARGIN OF THE SINUS RA= Erosion of the bony margin of the sinus
TMJ Syndrome Set of symptoms which include a painful clicking, that indicate dysfunction of the TMJ caused by a malocclusion, stress, muscle spasm, or inflammation. RA= abnormal relationship/range of motion between condyle and TM fossa
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