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Pharm 39 Signal Canc


Reversible inhibitor of EGFR cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase domain (competes w ATP binding). For Non-small cell Lung cancer (espec. bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma). SE: Interstitial lung disease, corneal erosion. Gefitinib
Reversible inhibitor of EGFR cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase domain (competes w ATP binding). For Non-small cell Lung cancer, Pancreatic CA. SE: MI, DVT, GI hemorrhage. Greater survival benefit Erlotinib
Monoclonal antibody that binds to extracell domain of EGFR. For Colorectal and head and neck cancer. SE: Cardiac arrest, leukopenia, renal fail, rash (predictive of tumor response), diarrhea. better with irinotecan Cetuximab
Monoclonal antibody against HER2. Enhances efficacy of chemotherapy and reduces rates of recurrence. For Breast cancer (HER2 overexpress). SE: Cardiotox, Nephrotic synd, diarrhea, anemia. Trastuzumab
Small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor of BCR-ABL, C-KIT and PDGFR. For CML expressing Philadelphia chromosome [t(9;22)], GI stromal tumor expressing Kit. SE: Edema, myelosuppress, nausea, muscle cramps. Imatinib
Inhibit wild-type and mutant B-RAF. For Renal cell and Hepatocellular CA. SE: Cardiovasc disease, erythema multiforme, HTN, alopecia, hand-foot rash/pain. Activity against melanoma that have activating B-RAF mutations. Also inhibits VEGFR-2 and PDGFR-Beta Sorafenib
Binds and inhibits mTOR (no activation of translation). Prophylaxis for Renal transplant rejection. SE: susceptible to infx, lymphoma, malignancy, HTN, edema. Avoid co-admin w CYP3A4 drugs Rapamycin
Proteasome inhibitor. For Multi Myeloma, Mantle Cell Lymphoma. SE: Heart Fail, neuropathy, hypotension (relatively modest adverse effects) Bortezomib
Monoclonal IgG antibody against VEGF-A (inhibit angiogenesis). For Metastat Colorectal and Non-small Cell Lung cancers. SE: Arterial thromboembolism, impaired wound heal, neuropathy, dizzy, HA. Bevacizumab
Inhibit VEGFR-1, VEGFR-2, PDGFR (inhibit angiogenesis). For Renal cell CA and GIST. SE: Left ventricular dysfnx, anemia, inflamm of mucous membrane Sunitinib
Immunomodulator drug inhibits basic FGF induced angiogenesis (and costimulate T cells). For Multi Myeloma (in combo w Dexamethasone). SE: Teratogenic (flipper limb), Periph Neuropathy, edema. Contra: Preg or women capable of being preg or men w/o condom. Thalidomide - Lenalidomide = analogue w enhanced TNF-Alpha inhibition and T cell costim. combo w bortezomib and dexamethasone for Multi Myeloma
Anti-CD20 antibody. For B cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. SE: Immunosuppression. Rituximab
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