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Pharm 38 Gene Cancer


Inhibits thymidylate synthase. For BC and GI cancers, topically for skin cancer. SE: Coronary atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, alopecia, rash, pruritis. Contra: Preg and bone marrow depression. Folinic acid can potentiate action. 5-FU
Inhibit thymidylate synthase. For Metastat colorectal cancer and BC. Contra: Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase def. Orally available form of 5-FU Capecitabine
Inhibit IMPDH->defective AMP and GMP synth. For ALL, AML, Crohns. SE: Pacreatitis, myelosuppress, hepatotox. Contra: Preg. 6-MP
Inhibit IMPDH->defective AMP and GMP synth. For Immunosuppression. Less toxic prodrug of 6-MP Azathioprine
Inhibit Ribonucleotide Reductase (no deoxyribonucleotides). For Hematologic malignancies, Sickle cell (increases HgbF). SE: Myelosuppress, secondary Leukemia (w long-term use). Hydroxyurea
Guanine analogue incorporated into DNA/RNA-> inhibit DNA polymerase. For AML. SE: Myelosuppress, hyperuricemia. Thioguanine
Adenosine analogue incorporated into DNA/RNA-> inhibit DNA polymerase. For Hairy cell Leukemia and MS. SE: Febrile neutropenia, neurotox, rash. Cladribine
Cytidine analogue incorporated into DNA/RNA-> inhibit DNA polymerase. For AML, ALL. SE: neruopathy, nephrotox, thrombophlebitis. Cytarabine
Alkylating agent that cross links to DNA. For Autoimmune diseases, Leukemias/Lymphomas, Mycosis Fungoides. SE: Myelosuppress, Cardiomyopathy, SJ synd, alopecia. Metabolite is Acrolein-> hemorrhagic cystitis, prevent by co-admin w Mesna Cyclophosphamide
Alkylating agent for Gastric and Pancreatic cancer. Contra: Coag disorder, renal impair. Mitomycin
Alkylating agent for Bladder cancer. Contra: Hepatic, renal, or bone marrow dysfnx. Instilled DIRECTLY into bladder. Thiotepa
Alkylating agent for Brain cancer. Is a nitrosourea that attaches a carbamoyl group to target prots. Carmustine
Alkylating agent for Hodgkin's disease. SE: tyramine sensitivity (hypotension and dry mouth) Decarbazine, Procarbazine (oral)
Alkylating agent for Refractory Ovarian cancer. Contra: Severe neurologic toxicity Altretamine
Platinum cmpd that cross-link intrastrand Guanine bases. For GU cancers and Lung cancers. SE: Nephrotox (co-admin w amifostine to limit), ototox. Contra: Renal or Hearing impairment. (Inject intraperitoneally for Ovarian cancer) Cisplatin, Carboplatin
Binds oxygen and chelates iron; and binds DNA-> strand breaks via generation of oxidative intermediates. For Testicular cancer, Hodgkin's and Non-Hodkin's. SE: PULMONARY FIBROSIS, MI, alopecia. Bleomycin
Inhibit Topoisomerase 1->DNA strand break. For Small Cell Lung cancer, Cervical CA, and Ovarian cancer resistant to Cisplatin. SE: Life-threatening diarrhea. Action specific to S phase of cell cycle Irinotecan, Topotecan
Inhibit Topoisomerase 2->DNA strand break. For Leukemias, Lymphomas, Breast/Bladder/Thyroid/GI cancers. SE: HEART FAILURE. Contra: Preexisting Heart Failure. Action specific to G2 of cell cycle. Excreted in bile (reduce dose in pts w hepatic dysfnx) Doxorubicin
Inhibit Topoisomerase 2->DNA strand break. For Testicular and Lung cancer and Leukemia. Action specific to late S and G2 of cell cycle. Etoposide
Bind tubulin subunits and prevent microtube POLYMERIZATION. For Metastat testicular cancer, Lymphoma, AIDS Kaposi Sarcoma. Contra: Bacterial infx, Granulocytopenia. Bone marrow suppression is dose limiting Vinblastine
Bind tubulin subunits and prevent microtube POLYMERIZATION. For Leukemias, Non and Hodgkin's Lymphomas. SE: Peripheral Neuropathy (is dose limiting). Contra: Charcot-Marie-Tooth synd. Vincristine
Bind polymerized tubulin and inhibit microtube DEPOLYMERIZATION. For Ovarian cancer and Non-small cell Lung cancer, and AIDS Kaposi Sarcoma. SE: Pulm tox, Peripheral Neuropathy (is dose limiting). Paclitaxel
Bind polymerized tubulin and inhibit microtube DEPOLYMERIZATION. For Breast/Gastric/Prostate/Non-small cell Lung cancers. SE: Myelosuppression (is dose limiting), SJ synd, edema. Docetaxel
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