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medication errors

prescribing error selection of the wrong drug, dose dosage form route of administreation length of therapy or number of doses
omission error when a dose is completely omitted as opposed to administered later.
wrong time error medications adminstered outside the time window
unauthorized drug error administration of a medication to a patent without proper authorization by the prescriber
improper dose error when a pateint is given greater or less than the prescribed dose
wrong dosage form errors doses administer or dispensed in a diffeent form than ordered by the prescriber
wrong drug preparation errors drug that require reconstiution dilution or special prepartion prior to despensing or administration are subject to wrong drug prepartation errors
wrong administration technique errors using the inapporiate procedures or incorrect technique
deteriorated drug errors drugs used past the expiration date may have lost its potency and may be less effective or ineffective
monitoring errors inadequte drug therapy review
compliance errors comitted by patients when they fail to follow or adhere to a prescribed drug regimen
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