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Vocab Unit 15


abrasive (adj) causing irritation, harsh, grinding or wearing down; (n) a substance used to smooth chafing, grating, rasping, erosive polished, satiny, oily, unctuous
acclimate (v) to adapt to a new environment or situation accustom, learn the ropes n/a
chagrin (n) irritation or humiliation caused by disappointment or frustration; (v) to cause such a feeling (n) vexation, mortification; (v) abash (n) jubilation, exultation, triumph; complacency; (v) delight
complacent (adj) self-satisfied; overly content smug discontented, chagrined
concur (v) to express agreement, approve assent, ratify, sanction disagree, differ
defamation (n) slander vilification, calumny, mudslinging, libel salute, tribute, testimonial, praise
explicate (v) to make clear, explain, interpret elucidate, untangle, spell out confuse, bewilder, obscure, obfuscate
fracas (n) a noisy quarrel or brawl row, altercation, rhubarb, brouhaha agreement, accord, unanimity, harmony
grotesque (adj) unnatural, disordered, bizzare fantastic, outlandish, deformed appealing, attractive, comely
pandemonium (n) a wild uproar, din, or commotion chaos, tumult, bedlam order, tranquility, repose
raucous (adj) disagreeably harsh-sounding boisterous, clamorous, strident placid, serene, tranquil, pastoral
receptive (adj) open and responsive to ideas tolerant, amenable, open-minded narrow-minded, hidebound
renounce (v) to give up or resign something repudiate, disown, abdicate, abjure secure, affirm, assent, aver, retain
repress (v) to hold back; to put down by force subdue, curb, stifle, constrain, bottle up liberate, provoke, excite
reticent (adj) not inclined to speak; reluctant; reserved taciturn, closemouthed talkative, garrulous, voluble
savory (adj) appetizing; pungent or salty, not sweet; inoffensive, respectable delectable, flavorful, aromatic, piquant distasteful, unpalatable, malodorous, bland
somnolent (adj) drowsy; inducing sleep groggy, soporific alert, lively, stimulating
vehement (adj) intense, forceful, powerful emphatic, fierce, vigorous, impassioned apathetic, lukewarm, subdued, muted
voluble (adj) characterized by a ready flow of words, glib, fluent loquacious, prolix, garrulous reticent, taciturn, terse
zealous (adj) eager, earnest, devoted ardent, fervent, devout, dogged reluctant, unwilling, averse, tepid
Created by: jserra
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