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Pharmacy Law chp 2 medical errors chp 17 key terms

biennial inventory DEA registered pharmacies a required by law to take an initial inventory of all controlled substances. should be taken every 2 years
child resistant packaging special packaging used for hazardous products such as prescription and over the counter drugs and household products to reduce the risk of ingestion
controlled substances drugs or chemical substances who are regulated under federal controlled substance act. subject to stricter controls than other prescription and nonprescription drugs
Drug Enforcement Administration DEA federal agency who administers and enforce federal laws for controlled substances such as narcotics and other dangerous drugs
initial inventory the inventory a pharmacy takes of its stock of controlled substances upon beginning the dispensing or distrubution
legend drug a drug that is required by law to be dispensed by prescription only. Rx only
practice of pharmacy regulated by each state through its pharmacy laws and regulations.the responsiblities that pharmacists are premitted to perform in the state
prescription monitoring programs programs to collect review and analyze info recieved from pharmacies
regulations or rules issued by an adminstrative or governmental agency that establish the requirements that must be followed by the regulated persons or entites.
compliance error an error occurring when patients do not follow thier dosing regimen
deteriorated drug error use of an expired medication or one whose properties have been compromised
failure mode and effects analysis FEMA a process that evalutes where errors might occur and estimates their potential impact
high alert medications medications that have a high risk of causing patients harm when used in error
improper dose error a dose that is greater than or less than that ordered by the prescriber
medication error any error occurring in the medication use porcess
medication misadventure a general term to describe drug related incidents
monitoring error failure to review a medication order or associated clinical lab vaules
omission error a scheduled dose that is omitted entirely
prescribing error error occurring during the prescribing process
root cause analysis RCA a process for retrospectively analyzing an error
unauthorized drug error an error occurring when a drug given to or taken by a patient was not ordered by an authrorized prescriber
wrong administration technique error an error occurring when a medication is givenor taken by the wrong route or the use of an improper procedure
wrong dosage form error use of incorrect medication dosage form
wrong time error administration of a medication dose outside of an established schedule time
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