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Computed Radiography

CR System

what is the purpose of the cassette? to reduce back scatter
the back part of the cassette has lead to reduce back scatter, what does the front(tubeside) have? imaging plate, radiolucent
is the image plate mounted on the front or backside of the cassette back
what are the layers of the cassette and imaging plate? backing,base, antihalo reflective layer, phosphor, protective
backing bar code info
base mechanical support
antihalo reflective layer allows light to be reflected back (Prevents backflow)
phosphor(active) barium fluorohalide, Europium makes it inperfect, psp
protective Clean it
once the plate is read by the laser how is it erased? White light
what are the guidelines about erasing erase it twice(extra Lg patient), if 48hrs erase twice
what window post processing can we use to change the contrast window width
whats another term for computed radiography cassette based
what is a pixel picture element
what is a voxel 3D pixel
matrix rows or columns of pixels
what are the 5 factors that effect spatial resolution or recorded detail? motion blur(time),sid,oid, focal spot size, image receptor
for better spatial resolution, do we want Large or Small pixels? Small
would that give you LG or SM pixel pitch? Small
if we have small pixels with small pixel pitch,would that allow a higher or lower pixel packing density? higher
if we have small pixels, would we have a LG or SM matrix Larger
what is the purpose of the exposure index tells if you underexposed, or overexposed
for the CR system we use the S Number which stands for senstivity. so at HMC what is the range of S values that are acceptable 100-200, below 100 overexposed, over 200 make too much noise and decrease the contrast
what is radiolucent allows xrays to go through
radio-opaque blocks xrays and does not allow them through
what is the LUT(look up table) visible gray scale rendered image,can be adjusted by changing window width or range after initial processing.
what is the forumla to calculate Bit depth 2^n
if we buy system with certain bit depth can we change it? No
is the graphical representation of the signal intensity per exposure to the imaging plate histogram
what do we call histogram with CR system Tag
what are some things that can cause histogram error wrong tag,improper collimation, not centered right, lead
what does pacs stand for Picture Archiving and Communication System
what does pacs do? transport and store images
what is the pacs system we have at HMC DR
what is the purpose of HL7(health level 7) to communicate between RIS and the HIS
what information is on the DICOM header Patient Name, Medical Record Number, Bar coding
what is the purpose of DICOM standards allows us to transfer images from catapult(Tech station) to Radiologist
what does IRD stand for image reader device
what does IRD do for us? A-D Converter(Analog to digital converter)reads the plate and makes the manifest image come up on your table
what is a latent image image captured by the image receptor, Invisible image( after exposure, but before processing)
once we run the CR plate throught the IRD and the image comes up on the LUT what is that image called manifest image
PSP Barium fluorohalide w/ Europium
Latent Image Formation as the exit beam strikes phosphor, at the Europium sites electrons are given off, and the electrons go through conduction band and held at a bound state at the F-center
what is the purpose of the low Freq scan in IRD to set the parameters
what is the 2nd scan that is really fast that prevents banding elements high freq progressive
why is High Freq scan better than Low Freq Scan Better resolution and Contrast
when the laser hits the Electrons in the F-center, what does that excess energy make those electrons do? fall back onto Europium site and then give off light
where is that light sent to in an A-D Convert CCD, Photodiode
types of converters in IRD CCD,Photomultiplier tube, or photodiode
what is the HIS at HMC Meditech
what is the purpose of the default pixel shifting motion fix
Turbid or Columnar, which is Cesium Iodide, and which has better spatial resolution Columnar
Turbid is in the form of what? Powder
what type of scintillator uses turbid G. Oxysulfide
which one has higher detection efficency, better absorption of xray photons so you can use less MAs G. Oxysulfide
what is the purpose of stiching spine Treatment(scoliosis)
what is the measurement of spatial resolution where it looks at the bottom information that is available in your object VS. whats actually captured module transfer function
whats the min freq that all scanners have to meet nyquest
what scan gives you better resolution and contrast High Freq Progressive
what is the ROI(region of Interest) area that it is sampling
what can we do post procedure to change density and contrast, is it direct or indirect window width, indirect
window level changes, is it a direct or indirect brightness, direct
what is any unwanted density artifact
how can we prevent grid aliasing or Moire thin lines
what type of scanning do you to prevent banding progressive scanning
what is the purpose of auto-rescaling match up histogram, apporiate brightness and contrast
what is the purpose of the detail smoothing helps get rid of noise but gets rid of fine detail
whats the process of equalization used for parts with different densities
whats the purpose of edge enhancement artificial enchancment of the bone
what does the fourier transformation do change image
what does DQE stand for detective quantum efficency- how well scintillator picks up radiation
what is FOV(field of View), does CR or DR have variable field of view size of image receptor, CR
what is brightness blackening of image receptor or luminescent of each pixel
what is contrast density difference
whats the purpose of shuttering to reduce radiologist eye strain
is collimation important yes
what type of freq or grid do we want to use to prevent grid aliasing thin, High Freq progressive
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