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Presentation Strateg

Build Creating a slide show with all its animation and slide transitions arranged in sequential order.
Hyperlinks Text and/or pictures that can be used to connect one page to another
Multimedia The combination of text with graphics, sound, video, or animation
Parallelism A grammatical term indicating that the basic structure of two or more sentences or phrases is similar
7 x 7 Rule PowerPoint presentations should NOT be paragraphs or sentences. You should summarize your material and use the 7 x 7 Rule – no more than 7 words across and no more than 7 bulleted items on a slide
Background The “paper” on which a presentation will be seen by the audience
Color Scheme A series of color choices that assigns to each slide the same color of background, title, and bulleted list
Master Slide A single slide that can be designed once and then applied to many slides
Media In PowerPoint, a term that includes sound, video, or movies
Slide layout The arrangement of design elements on a slide
Templates Document masters predesigned by pros
Animate Text or an image that moves in some way
Animated Character A person or figure that appears on a screen to interact with the appearance of motion
Animation Scheme A set of animation choices that includes the animation, timing, and response
Motion path The track that an animated text or image will follow
Slide Transition The movement from one slide to another that might include some kind of animation
Voice recognition The technology that allows the spoken word to be transferred to a computer
Asynchronous Information that is not given and received at the same time Example: A PowerPoint you watch via a kiosk or on the Web.
Jargon Specialized words used within a particular industry, often incorporating acronyms as shortcuts.
kiosk Describes a freestanding computer used by visitors
Package for CD A feature of Microsoft PowerPoint that compresses a presentation for ease of transfer to another computer; it may also include a reader that lets you view the presentation even if you do not have PowerPoint on your computer
Synchronous Communication that appears in real time. This type of presentation has a live audience that you deliver your speech to and interact with.
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