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Study Guide III

Drug Fundamentals

HAL (hyperalimentation) and TPN are the same true
Most TPNs are given via central vein true
Diarrhea and constipation are two of the most common symptons affecting the intestinal tract true
What is a complication associated with total parenteral nutrition (TPN)? acid-based imbalance, high serum lipid concentrations, electrolyte imbalance, liver toxicity
What items of information must be included when you open a single dose vial your initials, the date you opened the vial and the time
You have reconstituted a vial of Pen GK 5 million units. You only used 2 million units. What items of info need to placed on the vial BEFORE you place it in the refrigerator the concentration, your initials, the date you re-constituted the vial
True statements about TPNs TPNs should be started slowly, TPNs are expensive, The concentration of the nutrients my increase gradually, The rate may increase gradually
Two drugs that are used to treat the treatment of diarrhea diphenoxylate-atropone (Lomotil)- CV, Imodium
Name two drugs used to treat chemotherapy-induced vomiting odansetron (Zofran), grainisetron (Kytril)
Patients in the intensive care unit are frequently give H2 blockers to prevent the development of stress ulcers
What is another term for heartburn GERD
Which drug forms a protective coat (like a chemical Band-aid) over an ulcer, helping it resist degradation by gastric acid, pepsin, and bile salts carafate-chemical band-aid
How do H2 blockers work block gastric parietal cells-HCl
Generic drug names that end with suffix -prazole are almost always PPI
What is the maxium concentration of fat emulsion when it is given in a peripheral 20%
What is the maximum concentration for amino acids when it is given in a peripheral vein 3.5%
What is the maximum concentration for dextrose when it is given in a peripheral vein 10%
The stomach drains into another organ. Identify organ. small intestine
Identify a stool softener used to treat constipation docusate sodium (Colace)
Antimotility medications are used to treat diarrhea
What ulcer drug is NOT available OTC prevacid
What medication stimulates white blood cell (wBC) production filgrastim (neupogen)
What medication stimulates red blood cell (RBC) prduction erythropoietin (procrit)
Aluminum salts cause_____ constipation
Acid found in your stomach HCl
What is the concentration of injectable KCl 2 mEq/ml
KVO keep veins open (25 cc/hr)
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