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Voc Unit 15-030413

Vocabulary Unit 15 - 030413

abase (v) To lower; degrade;to humble
actuate (v) to move to action; to impel (syn) trigger, incite, instigate
avert (v) to turn aside, turn away; to prevent, avoid
boorish (adj) Rude or unrefined; clumsy (syn) vulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-mannered, gauche (antonym) suave, urbane, polished, courtly, well-bred
brunt (n) the main impact, force, or burden
combatant (n.) a fighter; (adj.) engaged in fighting
dormant (Adj.) in a resting or inactive state; state of suspension
dubious (adj.) Doubtful; uncertain.
harangue (V.) a long, often scolding or bombastic speech; a tirade (rant or lecture)( N.) loud speech
harry (v) to make a destructive raid on; to torment, harass
impenitent (adj) not feeling remorse or sorrow for errors or offenses
knave (n) a tricky, unprincipled, or deceitful fellow. (syn) rascal, rogue, scoundrel, miscreant
legion (n.) a large group or military force (adj.) many or numerous
liberality (n) generosity, generous act; breadth of mind or outlook
plaintiff (n) one who begins a lawsuit (syn) complainant, accuser (antonym) defendant, accused
probe (V.) To examine or investigate thoroughly (n) a devise used to probe or investigate/ examine.
protract v. To draw out or lengthen (in space or time.).
quarry (n.) a place from which stone is taken; something that is hunted (v.) to cut or take from
spurn (V.) to refuse with scorn, disdain
subterfuge (n) an excuse to trick for escaping or hiding something
Created by: crawfka