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RADT 456

Image Acquisition and Evaluation

True or False Pixel size is inversely related to resolution. True pg. 232
True or False When filtration is added to the x-ray beam, the maximum energy of the beam is increased. False pg. 233
Which grid material resists moisture, provides a smoother appearance, and has less visible grid lines? Aluminum pg. 233
Are scatter radiation and field size directly or indirectly related? directly pg. 234
How many inches do you increase SID to compensate for one inch of OID? 7 inches pg. 234
What is the process called when the PSP plate is scanned in the CR reader and releases a violet light? photostimulated luminescence pg. 235
A change in window width, changes what on the image? Contrast or the number of grays pg. 235
Daily QA ensures that fog levels do not exceed the upper limit of how much density? 0.2 density pg. 236
What is the term used to describe how well the phosphors detect and interact with the x-ray photons? quantum detection efficiency pg. 238
As matrix size is increased spatial resolution goes up or down? spatial resolution goes up pg. 238
What are the three factors that have an effect on the production of scatter radiation? kV, beam restriction, and thickness/volume of tissues pg. 239
True or False Contrast is related to mAs? False pg. 239
What is the matrix size of a typical CT image? 512 x 512 pg. 240
How long does it take for image fading to occur after PSPs has been exposed? several hours pg. 240
If an exposure was taken using no grid at 2 mAs, what will the mAs need to be to produce the same density with a 5:1 grid? 4 mAs pg 242
What is the process called when electrons are released by the cathode filament? thermionic emission pg 242
What are the two types of shape distortion? elongation and foreshortening pg 243
True or False Congestive heart failure is an example of a destructive pathology. False pg. 245
When changing from single phase to three phase, 12 pulse equipment how much of the original mAs is needed to produce the same density? one half pg. 246
What are the four steps film goes through during automatic processing? developer, fixer, wash, dryer pg. 247
What is the unit of measurement for frequency? hertz (Hz) pg. 248
What is influenced by rectification, kV, and total filtration? HVL pg. 251
What layer is under the phosphor "active" layer in an IP? electroconductive layer pg. 252
What system is used for scheduling and patient registration, billing, and workflow management? RIS pg. 254
As grid ratio increases, the contrast scale gets longer of shorter? shorter pg. 255
True or False There are fewer photons at the anode end of the x-ray tube than the cathode end? True pg. 258
About how many light photons are produced for each x-ray photon absorbed by cesium iodide? 5,000 light photons pg. 260
Change in window width or window level changes the number of gray shades on an image? window width pg. 261
In which x-ray interaction does a relatively low energy photon uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron? photoelectric effect pg. 263
The spatial resolution of direct digital systems is fixed and related to what? DEL and TFT size pg. 264
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