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Resp 17 V

Manual resuscitators review sheet

Different types of ventilation devices self inflating, non-self inflating (flow inflating), and pneumatic-powerdered
List 2 types of patient valves found in self inflating manual ventilation devices spring loaded valves (disc and ball) diaphragm valves (duckbill and leaf)
15 mm connector attaches to ETT/artificial airways
22 mm connector attaches to mask
non rebreather mask directs flow to patient during bag compression, directs exhaled air away from bag during releases
reservoir system increases delivered FIO2
pressure relief valve prevents accidental use of high pressures with infants and children
5 factors which affect FIO2, when using a self inflating resuscitation bag use of reservoir, oxygen flowrate, bag refill time, stroke volume, ventilation rate
How to assess the effectiveness and adequacy of ventilation when using a manual resuscitation device monitor chest rise and fall, listen to breath sounds, pulse ox or ABG
Created by: TnJFarrington12