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MDT CH2 Lesson 6B

Key Words for MDT Ch2 Lesson - Setup Basic Connectivity

A cellular location update used when a MS is switched on. Attach Update
A cellular location update used when a MS reaches a new location area. Normal Update
A cellular location update used to prevent a MS from being disconnected from the BTS. Periodic Update
The operating frequency of Bluetooth. 2.4-2.485 GHz
The transmission technique of Bluetooth. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Frequency hopping rate of Bluetooth 1600 hops/s
Number of frequencies used by Bluetooth's FHSS 79 Frequencies
Bluetooth transmission datarate 1Mbps
Bluetooth transmission power 2.5mW
Name of the network formed by two or more Bluetooth devices. Piconet
When a device joins more than one Bluetooth piconet Scatternet
The Bluetooth device providing synchronization reference. Master
A procedure in Bluetooth to discover nearby devices. Inquiry
A procedure in Bluetooth for forming connections. Paging
Operating Frequency of WiFi 2.4GHz
Transmission technique of WiFi Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
IEEE standard that WiFi is based on IEEE 802.11
Peer to peer mode of WiFi is also known as Ad-Hoc Mode
Besides Ad-hoc mode, the other WiFi operating mode is Infrastructure Mode
A process whereby a WiFi station waits to receive a synchronisation information from the Access Point. Passive Scanning
A process whereby a WiFi station requests for the synchronization information from the Access Point Active Scanning
A process a WiFi station performs after obtaining synchronization information from the Access Point. Authentication Process
A process a WiFi station perform after the authentication process with the Access Point Association Process
The number of satellites in the GPS system 24 Satellites
The min number of satellites required for a GPS receiver to calculate a 2D position. 3 Satellites
The min number of satellites required for a GPS receiver to calculate a 3D position. 4 Satellites
The process a GPS receiver performs to calculate its position. Triangulation
What is essential for IrDA connectivity. Line of Sight between devices
IrDA standard for 2-way data transmission between 2 devices IrDA-Data
IrDA standard to allow peripherals to interact with host devices IrDA-Control
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