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chapter 8 lessico

a condizone che provided that
a meno che...non unless
affinché in order that
allievo student
altrettanto as much as, likewise
attrezzare to equip
benché even though
carico loaded, laden
centrare to hit the mark, to work toward achieving
ciononostante nevertheless
come se as if
convegno convention
d'altro canto on the other hand
danneggiare to damage
decennio decade
di modo che so that
diffondere (p.p. diffuso) to spread, to diffuse
energia eolica wind energy
esigenza demand, necessity
essere spiacente to regret, to be sorry
farcito stuffed, filled
goccia drop
impegnativo demanding, time-consuming
impegno sociale social commitment
incendio fire
incentivo incentive, stimulus
intervenire (intervenuto) to intervene
malgrado despite
mitigare to mitigate, appease
nel caso che in case
nonostante even though
organico workforce
pentirsi to regret, to repent
perché so that
pietà pity
potenziamento strengthening
prima che before
profugo refugee
promuovere (p.p. promosso) to promote
purché provided that
quantunque although
reddito income
reggere (p.p. retto) to support
reinserire reinsert, reinstate, reintegrate
richiedere (richiesto) to require
ricoverato patient (in a hospital)
rifornimento replenishment
risanamento recovery, cure
ritenere to believe, to retain
sebbene even though
sennonché unless
senza che without
supporre to suppose
vietare to prohibit
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