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shell vocab

english gade 8 vocabulary

bigot narrow minded, prejudiced person
counterfeit fake or false
hamper to hold back; obstruct
noxious harmful; poinsonous; lethal
placid calm; peaceful
abrasive rough; coarse; harsh; irritating
bilk to cheat; defraud or rip off
covert hidden; undercover
engender to cause
nuance something subtle
abasement emmbarsment; humiliation
billowing waving; fluttering
cower to shrink away in fear
labyrinth a maze
nullify to counter or make meaningless
replete full; filled with
tangible able to be touched
blasphemy speech against religious beliefs
credible believable
enigma a puzzle of mystery
harbinger a bringer of warning; a indicator
nuzzle to cuddle
reprehensible very shameful or bad
tardy slow late; delayed; overdue
blatant obvious
ensconce to settle in
hasten to hurry
laceration a cut
plausible posible; reasonable
reprieve a delayed or suspended punishment
tawdry of little value; gaudy; cheap
abstain to go without; to avoid
incredulous not beleving
enshroud to cover
haughtiness arrogance; pride
plethora an excess; a lot of something
tedious boring; monotonous
blithe free-spirited; carefree
enunciate to pronounce clearly
headstrong stubborn; willful
lackluster dull; bland
objective unbiased; not influenced by personal feelings
resignation acceptance of fate
tenacious stubborn;resolute;holding firmly to a purpose
accolade a tribute honor or praise
bolster to support or prop up
cryptic puzzling; mysterious
lament to regret; to feel sorrow for something
obliterate not certain; temporary
tentative not certain
acquiesce to agree or give in to
curtail to cut short
heed to listen to
oblivious totally unaware
podium a raised platform
resonate to echo, fill with sound
tenuous flimsy not solid
acrid sharp pungent smells or taste
boorish ill mannered
cynical believing that people only act on selfish motives: negative
lance spear spike or javelin
obscure difficult to understand
poignant deeply moving
respite a break; a intermission
laud to praise
portend to predict
retract to withdraw; to cancel
adversity hardship; difficulty
broach to approach; to start a discussion
deference respect
esoteric difficult to understand
lavish grand; overdone; wasteful
revere to worship; to admire
advocate to promote;to support
brusque blunt, abrupt
espouse to promote ;to suport
hone to sharpen;in
lax careless; not strict
poseur someone who puts on an act; imposter
riddled full of
torpid lazy; dull; inactive
aesthetic concerning art of beauty
defunct no longer in existence
etymology the study of word orgins
odious hateful
posterity future generations
affable friendly;easygoing; social
degrade to lower dignity
hypochondriac obsessed with health; having imaginary illness
legional a large number
posthumous after death
rigorous thorough
totter to walk unsteadily
alacrity eagerness
euphemism a polite way of saying something
hypocrite one who does something they say not to
lethargic lacking energy; tired
ogle to stare at
postulate to guess; spectulate
robust strong; healthy; tough
tractable obedient; polite
deliberate to think over deeply
levity joking about serious matters
olfactory concerning the sense of smell
potable suitable for drinking
routond round; fat
tranquil peaceful
evacuate to vacate; to empty; to abandon
idiosyncrasy a personality trait
ominous threatening
potent powerful; compelling
ruminate to think over something; to ponder
transcribe to copy
allay to lessen
exacerbate to make worse
ignominious shameful
omnipotent all-powerful
pragmatic practical
ruse a trick
alleviate to make less severe
denounce to condemn; speak out against
exasperated frustrated
lithe flexible; supple
omniscient all-knowing
saccharine falsely sweet
transient short-lived
aloof distant; detached
cajole to coax
deplete to use up; to lessen
illuminate to light up or make clear
livid very angry
onerous burdensome; difficult
traverse to move across
deplore to regret
illusory deceptive; false
onus burden
precarious unstable; risky
sagacious wise
trepidation fear
amass to accumulate
immoderate excessive; extreme
lofty snooty; arrogant
opaque does not let light through
trinket something of little value; a knick-knack
Created by: amessare17
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