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Stack #120458

Human Development & Learning Notes # 2 (WGU)

Banging is a new ____ used by babies to explore their world. scheme
____ occurs when babies incorporate new objects into the scheme. assimilation
____ occurs when a new object does not fit the existing scheme. accommodation
Piaget's theory of ____ proposes that a child's intellect, or cognitive abilities, progresses through 4 distinct stages. cognitive development
____, born in Switzerland, is the most influential developmental psychologist in the history of psychology. Jean Piaget
____ based his earliest theories on careful observation of his own children. Jean Piaget
____ believed that all children are born with an innate tendency to interact with and make sense of their environments. Piaget
When ____ is upset, children have the opportunity to grow and develop. Equilibrium
is one of the most important ingredients of effective instruction. Motivation
Psychologists define ____ as an internal process that activates, guides, and maintains behavior over time. motivation
____ is what gets you going, keeps you going, and determines where you're trying to go. motivation
____ can be a personality characteristics; where individuals have lasting interests in participating in activities as academics, sports, or social activities. motivation
____ is highly complex and context-bound. human motivation
When ____ students run into obstacles they become discouraged and give up. performance-oriented
When ____ students encounter obstacles, they keep trying, and their motivation might increase. learning-oriented
____ students are more likely to use self-regulated learning strategies. learning-oriented
____ students who think their abilities are low are likely to fall into a pattern of helplessness, because they believe they don't have any chance of making good grades. performance-oriented
Created by: lnino