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Adrenergic Pharm

Pharmacolgy Exam 2

What are the classes of sympathomimetics? Alpha 1 & 2 agonists, Beta 1 & 2 agonists, dopamine receptors
What are the classes of sympatholytics? Alpha 1 & 2 antagonists, Beta 1 & 2 antagonists,
What molecule inhibits tyrosine hydroxylase? Metyrosine
what molecule inhibits VMAT from transporting dopamine into the vesicles? Reserpine
what kind of molecules would block the reuptake of NE in the synaptic cleft? cocaine, antidepressants
what molecules would block SNAPs and VAMPs bretylium & guanethidine
What is the difference between direct acting and indirect acting agonists? Direct acting drugs directly activate the receptor. Indirect acting drugs stimulate release, affect reuptake, or other
What is a mixed acting drugs? Drugs that act both directly and indirectly (affect the receptor and the release or reuptake of the nt)
How are the actions of neurotransmitters ended? Reuptake (~50%), metabolism (~50%), or taken up by other cells (glial cells)
how does cocaine effect the reuptake of NE? blocks NET from reuptake of NE
how does amphetamine effect the reuptake of NE? can cause NET to run backwards and actually pump out more NE into the synaptic cleft
What 2 enzymes metabolize catecholamines? COMT and MAO (Catehol-O-CH3 transferase and Monoamine Oxidase)
How doe MAO's work? deamination
How do COMT's work? methylation
Where are COMT's located? Kidney, liver, intestine, nervous tissue
COMT's mainly degrade catecholamines from where? our diet
There are 2 types of MAO's (A & B). Where are MAO's found? inside neurons and glia
What enzyme cascade are G proteins linked to? Phospholipase C
Which enzyme cascade do Alpha 1 receptors use? Phospholipase C
Which enzmye cascade do Beta receptors use? adenylate cyclase
Which enzyme cascade do alpha 2 receptors inhibit? adenylate cyclase
What is the most notable effect of A1 receptors? vasoconstriction
What is the most notable effect of A2 receptors? lowers bp
What is the most notable effect of B1 receptors? cardiac stimulation
What is the most notable effect of B2 receptors? bronchodilation, vasodilation
What is the most notable effect of dopamine receptors? cardiac stimulation
If both alpha and beta receptors are being stimulated, clinically, which response would be observed? alpha
What are the direct acting agonists of the adrenergic system? NE, Epi, & DOPA
What receptors does NE bind to? A1 & B1
What receptors does Epi bind to? A1, B1, B2
What receptors does DOPA bind to? B1
What drug is selective for B1 and B2? isoproterenol
Name some beta 2 agonists albuterol, salmeterol, formoterol, terbutaline
What are albuterol, salmeterol, formoterol, terbutaline used to treat? asthma/COPD
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