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Psych 232- Chapter 4

Development: Birth & Physical Developement during the first 3 years

Apgar scale -A.pperence P.ulse G.rimance A.ctivity R.espiration -done 1 min. after birth & again at 5 mins.
Brazelton Neonatal Behavior Assessment Scale (NBAS) -test response to physical & social environment -motor organization, reflexes, attention & CNS instability
What are the human reflexes? moro, darwinian, tonic, rooting, Babkin & babinski
moro extended limbs
Darwinian makes fists
Tonic turns head to one side
Babkin mouth opens, eyes close
Babinski toes fan out, foot turns in
Birthing process Parturition bring in labor, Uterine contraction occur more frequent & closer together, cervix becomes flexible & dilates, estrogen levels rise
Order of senses development touch, taste & smell, hearing, sight
Developmental tests on toddlers mental, motor & behavioral scale
Vaginal Childbirth stages:1 longest, takes 12-14 hours for 1st child, cervix dialtes
Vaginal Childbirth Stage: 2 1-2 hours, contractions stronger & closer together, baby's head moves through birth canal, ends with baby emerging from mother
Vaginal Childbirth Stage: 3 10-60 mins. for placenta & umbilical cord expelled from mother
Cesarian Delivery baby is surgically removed from uterus, 30% of americans now, common with 1st or large babies, older moms & previous c-sections
fontanels soft plates in head
lanugo fuzzy prenatal hair
vernix caseosa oily protection against infection
rooting touch
Created by: jessiedig