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Dog Term. #120234

Dog Terminology #120234

Belton In English Setters, a coat pattern of white hairs mixed with colored hairs.
Bat ears Erect ears, broad at base & round at tip.
Blaze A white patch or stripe down the center of a dog's face, usually extending from forehead to nose.
Blue Coat color with a bluish or smoky cast.
Blue merle Blue & gray mixed with black; marbled.
Brindle Black stripes on a lighter color coat; black hairs mixed with other colors
Button ears Ears with flaps that fold forward so that their tips lie close to the skull & cover the ear opening.
Cropped ears Ears trimmed in puppyhood to stand erect & pointed.
Crossbreed The offspring of two different breeds of purebred dogs.
Cobby Compact in body build.
Culotte Long hair that grows on a dog's thighs.
Dapple Mottled markings different colors, no one predominating.
Dewclaw A digit, sometimes called the fifth claw; located high on the inner side of a dog's front & hind paws.
Dewlap Loose, pendulous skin that hangs under a dog's neck as in bloodhounds.
Docked tail Shortened by cutting the tail in puppyhood.
Dome Convexity of skull.
Double coat A weather-resistant coat that has both a soft, insulating undercoat, & a coarse protective outercoat.
Dropped ears Ears hanging flat & close to the cheek.
Feathering Long silky fringe of hair on legs, ears, tail, or body.
Furnishings Thick, fringed, or long portions of the coat, esp. on legs,face, & ears.
Grizzle Bluish gray color; mixture of black & white hair.
Harlequin A coat pattern of white with black or gray patches.
Height Vertical measurement from shoulders to ground.
Hound color White, tan, & black
Mane Thick hair around the neck & throat.
Mask Dark marking on muzzle, can extend over eyes.
Mastiff A type of dog characterized by a massive, muscular body & a powerful head & jaw.
Merle A coat pattern characterized by blotches of dark hair against a background of lighter hair.
Mixed breed A dog with one or both parents of mixed ancestry (nonpurebred).
Muzzle Part of head from eyes to nose; foreface.
Outercoat A dog's protective coat of coarse primary hairs. a.k.a. a "topcoat
Pads Soles of paws.
Parti-color Two or more clear & distinct colors in a coat.
Pile A dense undercoat of soft, fine fur.
Plume A tail with profuse hair.
Prick ears Erect, pointed ears.
Primary hairs Strong, coarse hairs, a.k.a. "guardhairs" that make up the protective outercoat.
Purebred A dog with ancestors of the same breed.
Roach back Convex curvature of the back.
Roan A coat pattern in which the base color (often red) is mixed with white hairs & looks lightened or mottled.
Rose ears Small, creased ears that fold back to reveal the ear opening.
Ruff Thick long hair around the neck.
Sable Dark brown shaded with black hairs.
Saddle Saddle-shaped black marking over back and shoulders.
Secondary hairs The soft, fine hairs that surround the primary hairs & make up a dog's dense, insulating undercoat.
Substance Bone structure, physical solidarity.
Ticked Small splashes of colored hairs on a basically white coat.
Topknot A clump of long hair on top of the head.
Topline The line along a dog's back in profile.
Type Essential characteristics distinguishing a breed.
Undercoat The underlying layer of soft, smooth secondary hair that insulates a dog's coat.
Wheaten Pale yellow or fawn color.
Wild boar Tan undercoat with black or grizzle overlay.
Wrinkle Loosely folded skin on sides of face or forehead.
Spitz-type dog Characteristic traits of the northern breed including prick ears, a double coat, a brushy tail, & powerful body.
Wirehaired A coat in which an abundance of coarse primary hairs gives it a "wiry" look & texture.
Created by: Findout