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LE Development

LE Development Changes

Neonate Little pelvic mobility; Hips: flex/abd/ER (like in utero); Femur: anteverted; Angle of inclination: 150 deg (coxa valga); Knees: flex/varus; Ankles: DF; Rear-/Forefoot: Varus
3-4 Months Pelvis: some ant/post mobility; Lumbosacral & pelvic-femoral: some mobility; Hips: Less flex/abd/ER; Increased mm activity, esp in hip adductors & glut max; Femoral ante version/internal femoral torsion decrease (increase glut max activity-esp active ER)
3-4 Months Knee: decreased flex/varus; Ankle: Less DF
5-6 Months Pelvis: increased mobility ant/post, can chew on toes in supine, along with more lateral/rotational mobility (b/c can laterally WS); Can flex hip & keep knee ext & lie with hip & knee flat on floor; Ankle: can DF/PF
5-6 Months Mm activity in hip extensors, adductors, abductors, rotators increasing; Continued decrease in coxa valga; LE continues to dissociate; Intrinsic foot mm develop, plays with feet with hands & mouth
8-12 months WB in horizontal & vertical; WB helps mold femoral head into round ball; Activities: creeping, kneeling, 1/2 kneel, climbing, standing; Completes add-abd hip strength by cruising around furniture
8-12 months Knee: mild genu varum; NWB: Rearfoot varus; WB: Flat foot b/c rearfoot everted
1.5-3 years Knees: straight in 1.5 yr old; Genu valgus as child reaches age 3
5 years Hip angle of inclination: 125 deg (not coxa valga); Knees: Valgus; Feet: Pronated; Toe-in to shift COG over center of foot (2nd ray)
6-12 Years Knees: Straight
12-18 Years Knees: Genu valgus
Adult Knees: Straight, maybe Mild genu valgus
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