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Normal Development

0-18 Months Normal Dev. Sequence

Turns/lift head to free mouth & nose when prone; when held, holds head erect 3+"; Reciprocal leg motions in prone/supine; Head lag when pulled to sit 0-1 Month Gross Motor
Follows moving object to midline; Occasional hand to mouth; Briefly grasps toy placed in hand 0-1 Month Fine Motor
When held, holds head erect & steady 15"; Lifts head in prone, head in midline; Turns prone to side to back by vigorous kicking 2 Months Gross Motor
Briefly fixates on adult's face; Follows moving object past midline; Hands opening from closed posture 2 Months Fine Motor
Prone, lifts head/chest & supports self on forearms; When held, head erect & steady when child is moved; When held in sitting, slumps & head bobs side to side 3 Months Gross Motor
Follows moving object 180 deg; Arms activate on sight of toy; Holds toy placed in hand actively; Hands engaged at midline; Symmetrical head/arm posture; Vertical tracking of moving object 3 Months Fine Motor
No head lag when pulled to sit; Prop sit 30" with low back support; Swimming in prone; In prone, supports on 1 forearm & reaches with another; Standing, takes almost full weight on legs 4 Months Gross Motor
Reaches for faces/objects; Ulnar palmar grasp; Perceives raisin on table, makes reaching mvmts; Plays regarding hands 4 Months Fine Motor
Rolls prone to supine/vice versa; Prone: wt on hands thru ext elbows, reaches with 1 arm while supporting on other; Supine: legs lifted & plays with feet; Sit alone up to 1' (leaning on hands); Bouncing mvmts in standing with support 5-6 Months Gross Motor
Approach mvmts resulting in contact with objects; Grasps large objects voluntarily; Objects to mouth; Visually pursues lost object; Forearm pronation (reaching); Palmar grasp; Retrieves dropped toy; Holds bottle; Drops cube when given another; Xfer object 5-6 Months Fine Motor
Pivots in prone, push self back in prone; Creeping position; To/from sitting from prone; Sits independently up to 10', spontaneous trunk rotation; Pulls self to stand holding onto rail (stands thru half-kneeling) 7-8 Months Gross Motor
Radial-palmar grasp w/ fully ext hand & arm; Bangs cube on table; Rakes raisin; Holds 1 object, regards & grasps another; Mnaipulates objects with attn to detail; Crosses midline when reaching 7-8 Months Fine Motor
Belly crawls; Pivots in sitting; Creeps on hands & knees; Pulls self to standing, cruises; Lowers self from furniture 9-10 Months Gross Motor
Radial digital grasp; Reaches with forearm in mid-position; Well coordinated, reach for near objects; Index finger to poke, pry, etc; Patty cake 9-10 Months Fine Motor
Cruises, falls by sitting backward; Walks with 1 or 2 hands held, wide base 11-12 Months Gross Motor
Crude release; Attempts to imitate scribble; Neat & precise opposition; Puts 3+ cubes in container 11-12 Months Fine Motor
Throws underhand; Rolls to hands/knees to stand from supine; Walks unsteadily (arms high guard, wide BOS, falls); Throws ball, release with slight cast fwd; Starts & stops walking w/o falling; Stand to sit by backward collapse; Stoops to pick up toys 13-15 Months Gross Motor
Creeps up stairs; Kneels unaided/slight support on level ground; Pushes large wheeled toy with handle on level ground 13-15 Months Gross Motor
Holds 2 cubes in 1 hand; Builds tower of 2 cubes; Places pellet in bottle; Scribbles spontaneously 13-15 Months Fine Motor
Stands on 1 foot w/ help; Upstairs/downstairs w/ help; Walks well, feet only slightly apart; Runs stiffly upright w/ eyes fixed 1-2 yds ahead, can't continue around objects; Upstairs 1 hand held; Seats self in small chair; Climbs chairs/bed; 16-18 Months Gross Motor
Walks into ball rather than kicking it; Walks sideways & backwards 16-18 Months Gross Motor
Stacks 3 blocks; Simple formboard-places circle correctly; Turns pages (2-3); Places 6 cubes in & out of cup with demo 16-18 Months Fine Motor
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