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RADT 456 ImageA&Eval

ARRT Registry Review

SID affects recorded detail how? Recorded detail is directly related to SID
Grid interspace material can be made of what material? aluminum and plastic fiber
True or false: An increase in kV will have more scattered radiation and the exposure rate will increase True
The luminescent light emitted by the PSP is transformed into the image seen on the CRT by what? ADC
Unopened boxes of radiographic film should be stored away from radiation and in what position? vertical
X-ray photon energy is inversely related to what? photon wavelength
Compared with a low ratio grid, a high ratio grid will do what? Absorb more scattered and primary radiation
Subject/object unsharpness can't be a result of what? anatomic objects of interest is/are in the path of the CR
Resolution in CR increases when: laser beam size decreases and PSP crystal size decreases
What factors contribute to the efficient performance of a grid? Grid ratio, number of lead strips per inch and amount of scatter transmitted through the grid
A 5 in. object to be radiographed at a 44 in. SID lies 6 in. from the IR. What will be the image width? 5.7 in.
Causes of grid cut off: inadequate SID
Using a short SID (25-30) with a large 14x17 IR will do what? Increase the anode heel effect
Difference between CR and DR: CR uses IP's
using a 48 in. SID, how much OID must be introducd to magnify an object two times? 24 in. OID
The main difference between direct capture and indirect capture DR is what? Direct capture/ conversion has no scintillator
What are methods of limiting the producton of scattered radiation? Using the prone position for abdominal examinations and restricting the field size to the smallest practical size
The absorption of useful radiation by a grid is called what? grid cutoff
What is a factor unrelated to recorded detail? milliamperage
What is a pathological or abnormal condition that would require a decrease in exposure factors? pneumonia
A 15% decrease in kV accompanied by a 50% increase in mAs will result in what? shorter scale of contrast
Which factors impact recorded detail? focal spot size, subject motion, and SOD
For the same FOV, as the matrix size increases: spatial resolution increases, image quality increases and pixel size decreases
True or False: type of shape distortion include: magnification, elongation and foreshortening False: magnification isn't one
Focal spot blur is greatest at what end Toward the cathode end of the x-ray beam
How are mAs and patient dose related? mAs and patient dose are directly proportional
Image plate front material can be made of what? Carbon fiber and magnesium
Emphysema would require a decrease in exposure factors: true or false? True
If a radiograph exposed using a 12:1 ratio grid exhibits increases brightness/ loss of density at its lateral edges, it is probably because of what? SID was too great
What material may be used as grid interspace material? Plastic and aluminum
Created by: eapurdue