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Vocab. - Level H

Unit 10

Vocab. - Level HUnit 10
acumen (n.) keeness of insight; quickness or accuracy of judgment
adjudicate (v.) to act as judge in a matter; to settle through the use of a judge or legal tribunal
anachronism (n.) a chronological misplacing of events, objects, customs, or persons in regard to each other
apocryphal (adj.) of doubtful or questionable authenticity
disparity (n.) a difference or inequality in age, rank, degree, amount, or quality, a dissimilarity, unlikeness
dissimulate (v.) to hide or disguise one's true thoughts, feelings, or intensions
empirical (adj.) derived from, dependent upon, or guided by practical experience, observation, or experiment, rather than by theory; so verifiable
flamboyant (adj.) highly elaborate or ornate; vividly colored; strikingly brilliant or bold
fulsome (adj.) offensively insincere or excessive; disgusting, sickening
immolate (v.) to kill as a sacrifice, especially by fire; to destroy or renounce for the sake of another
imperceptible (adj.) extremely slight; incapable of being perceived by the senses or the mind
lackey (n.) a uniformed male servant; a servile follower
liaison (n.) the contact or means of communication between groups; someone acting as such a contact; any close relationship; a thickening or binding agent used in cooking
monolithic (adj.) characterized by massiveness, solidness, and total uniformity
mot juste (n.) the most suitable or exact word or expression
nihilism (n.) a total rejection of existing laws, institutions, and moral values; extreme radicalism
patrician` (n.) a member of the ruling class; a person of high or noble rank or of prominent social standing; (adj.) belonging to, befitting, or characteristic of such a person
propitiate (v.) to make someone or something favorably inclined toward oneself; to conciliate, satisfy, or appease
sic (adj.) thus so, intentionally written so
sublimate (v.) to redirect the energy of a biological or instinctual impulse into a higher or more acceptable channel
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