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Rad physics pt1

Equipment and QC pt

Diagnostic x-rays are produced within the tube when high-speed electrons are rapidly decelerated at encounter of anode true, pg 431
What kind of atoms make up the anode tungsten, pg 431
What is the source of electrons in an x-ray tube? heated cathode filament, pg 431
Bremsstrahlung means...? Braking radiation, pg 431
Bremsstrahlung radiation is produced when a high speed electron passes through an atom and loses energy to the positively charged nucleus and is deflected from its course. true, pg 431
Bremsstrahlung radiation comprises 70% to 90% of the x-ray beam. true, pg 431
Characteristic radiation occurs when an electron encounters an atom and it ejects a k shell electron leaving a vacancy in the inner shell of the atom. true, pg 431
What is the energy of a characteristic ray? The difference of the energy required to eject an inner shell electron and the energy of an L shell or outer shell electron to fill its place. Pg 431
What makes up the electromagnetic spectrum? Visible light (ROYGBIV), microwaves, radio waves,x-rays, and gamma rays. pg 431
What is frequency's unit of measure? Hertz (Hz), pg 432
What is frequency? Number of wavelength cycles per second. pg 432
Ionizing radiation has the potential to break apart electrically neutral atoms resulting in negative or positive ions true, pg 433
What is the primary beam of the x-ray tube? The beam coming out of the tube focal spot before it strikes anything, pg 433
What is the principal factor affecting beam quantity? mAs, pg 434
What is attenuation? The gradual decrease in exposure rate as radiation passes through tissues, pg 434
Photoelectric effect occurs when? A low-energy photon uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron leaving a orbital vacancy. pg 434
What is Compton Scatter? A high-energy photon ejects an outer shell electron. pg 434
What photon interaction with matter does most occupational dose come from? Compton Scatter, pg 434
Does ionization occur in the process of Coherent Scatter? NO, pg 435. It is important to note that this is the only interaction between x-ray photons and matter in which NO IONIZATION occurs. pg 435
How can we see the affects of Compton scatter on an image? Compton scatter contributes to image fog and poses a radiation hazard to personnel. pg 434
What is Coherent scatter? When an x-ray photon with very low-energy interacts with an atom and "dissolves" absorbing into the atom, leaving the atom excited. pg 435
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