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Radt 456 QC

AART Registry Review

What type of radiation is produced when a high speed electron gets attracted to the positively charge nucleus but is deflected from its course with a loss of energy? Bremsstrahlung Radiation pg 431
The gradual decrease in exposure rate as radiation passes through tissue is ...? Attenuation pg 434
Photoelectric effect significantly contributes to patient dose or tech dose? Patient dose and that creates short scale contrast pg 434
T or F? Generators function to change electrical energy to mechanical energy? F - generators change mechanical energy to electrical energy pg 439
What are transformers used for? They increase the incoming voltage to the more useful kilovoltage required for x-ray production pg 440
The relationship between the turns ratio and voltage is _______, whereas the turns ratio and current is _____? Direct, Inverse pg 440
T or F? Autotransformers operate on the principle of self-induction, and functions to provide a selection of kilovoltages? True pg 442
Where is the x-ray circuit rectification system located? Between the secondary coil of the high-voltage transformer and the x-ray tube pg 442
What is the function of a rectifier? To change AC to a more useful unidirectional current or permit the flow of electricity in only one direction pg 443
T or F? Heating of the filament to incandescence and subsequent "boiling off" of electrons is called dual focus F - it is called thermionic emission pg 446
Excessive heat loading will cause accelerated tube aging and failure as a result of these conditions stated in the book. Name them. pitted or cracked anode, gassy tube, and vaporized tungsten pg 451
List the components on the primary side or low voltage side of the circuit. There are eight listed in the book. Main switch, circuit breakers, autotransformer, kV selector, line voltage compensator, timer, primary coil of the high voltage transformer, and exposure switch pg 451-455
List the components on the secondary side or high voltage side. There are four listed in the book. secondary coil of HV transformer, mA meter, rectifiers, X-ray tube pg 455
T or F? The process of energy conversion within the II is electrical to light, then to electrical, then back to light True pg 481
In _______ _______ there is no chemical processing, higher signal to noise ratio, less patient dose, and postprocessing capability. Digital Fluoroscopy pg 484
Radiologic QC involves monitoring and regulating the variables associated with image production and ______ _____. Patient care pg 493
What is a step wedge or penetrometer used for, in relation to a QC program? To evaluate the mA pg 495
The congruency of the collimator light field and actual x-ray field should be within what percentage of the SID? 2% pg 496
How can personal fluoroscopic shielding apparel be checked for cracks and how often should this test be done? The apparel can be checked under fluoro and should be done every year pg 498
T of F? The CR image plates and the photostimulable phosphor screens should be looked over once every year? False - the IP's should be looked at on a regular basis for damage and the PSP screens should be wiped off monthly pg 499
Created by: krpitylak