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Equipment Operation

Equipment Operation & Quality Control

What is usually recommended for cleaning PSPs? Anhydrous Ethanol
Star and Wye Configurations are related to what? 3 Phase Transformers
In fluoroscopy, the kV and mA is adjusted by what? Automatic Brightness Control
What is a slit camera used to measure? Focal Spot Size & Spatial Resolution
As window level increases, brightness does what? Increases
A parallel-plate ionization chamber receives a particular charge as x-ray photons travel through it. This is the operating principle of which of the following devices? AEC
Congruence of the x-ray beam with the light field is tested using what? Radiopaque Objects (Pennies)
The filtering effect of the x-ray tube's glass envelope and its oil coolant are referred to as? Inherent Filtration
The image intensifier's input phosophor is composed of? Cesium Iodide
A photostimulable phosphor plate is used with what? CR
What device is used to test the accuracy of the x-ray timer? Spinning Top
What device is used to control voltage by varying resistance? Autotransformer
Light-sensitive AEC devices are known as? Phototimers
How frequently should radiographic equipment kV settings be evaluated? Annually
What mode of a trifield image intensifier will result in the lowest patient dose? 25 in mode
Circuit devices that permit electrons to flow in only one direction are called what? Solid-State Diodes
The amount of electric charge flowing per second is referred to as? Current
How frequently must radiographic equipment be checked for linearity and reproducibility? Annually
Which part of an induction motor is located within the x-ray tube glass envelope? Rotor
What device changes alternating current to unidirectional current? A Solid State Diode
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