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RADT 456

Equip. Operation & Quality Control

Two types of diagnostic x-rays? Bremsstrahlung (70-90%) and Characteristic (10-30%)
The distance between two consecutive wave crest. Wavelength
More energetic radiations have _____ wavelength and _____ frequency. shorter & higher
The gradual decrease in exposure rate as radiation passes through tissues is called _____. Attenuation
A relatively low-energy x-ray photon uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron. Photoelectric Effect
A failry high-energy x-ray photon ejects an outer shell electron. Compton Scatter
Occurs with very low-energy x-ray photons--energies rarely used in diagnostic radiology. Coherent Scatter
Electrical current flowing through a conductor in only one direction and with constant magnitude is called _____. Direct Current (DC) example: battery
_____ is characterized by varying amplitude and periodic reversal of polarity. (AC)
Change mechanical energy to electrical energy. Generators
Change electrical energy to mechanical energy. Motors
X-rays are produced when high-speed electrons are suddenly decelerated upon encountering the ______ atoms of the ______. tungsten & anode
Relationship b/w: the turns ratio and the voltage is a ____ one. relationship b/w: the turns ratios and the current is a ____ one. direct & indirect
single phase, full-wave rectification three phase/six pulse three phase/twelve pulse high-frequency 100% 13% 4% >1%
The glass envelope enclosure creates a _____. Diode
An induction motor has two main parts, a _____ and a _____. stator & rotor
____% of the kinetic energy of the electron stream is converted to x-rays, and the reast of the energy is converted to heat. .2
The effective focal spot is always ____ than the actual focal spot. smaller
Results from thermionic emission. Vaporized Tungsten
Exposures made exceeding the tube rating create enough excessive heat to produce many small melts over the focal track. Pitted Anode
A single, large, excessive exposure to a cold anode can be severe enough to crack the anode. Cracked Anode
If the tube vacuum begins to deteriorate, air molecules collide with and decelerate the high-speed electrons. Gassy Tube
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