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Pharm Hesi Meds VN

Pharmacology medications required for pharm hesi 2013

Clopidogrel "Plavix" Class:Antiplatelet Function:
Salycilates "Asprin" Class: Nonopioid Analgesic
Levothyroxine "Synthroid" Class: Thyroid hormone
Rocaltrol "Calcitol" Class: Parathyroid agent
Paricalcitol "Zemplar" Class:Vitamin D
Lanoxin "Digoxin" Class Antidysrhythmic
Methimazole "Tapazole" Class: Thyroid hormone antagonist
Propylthiouracil "PTU" Class: Thyroid hormone antagonist
Liothyronine "Cytomel" Class: Thyroid hormone"
Nifedipine "Procardia" Class:Calcium Channel Blocker/ Antianginal
Amiodarone "Cordarone" Class: Antidysrhythmic
Captipril "Capoten" Class: Antihypertensive
Desmopressin "DDAVP" Class: Pituitary hormone (Synthetic ADH)
Alendronate "Fosamax" Class: bone reabsorption inhibitor
Metoprolol "Lopressor" Class: Antiypertensives
Nitroglycerin Class: antianginal
Fludrocortisone "Florinef" Class: synnthetic corticosteroid
Dexmethasone "Decardron" Class:Corticosteroid
Cinacalcet "Sensipar" Class: Calcium receptor antagonist
Pitocin "Oxytocin" Class: Ocytoxic hormone
Theophylline "Theo-Dur" Class: Bronchodilator/ Spasmolytic
Prednisone "Deltasone" Class: Corticosteroid
Glipizide "Glucotrol" Class: Antidiabetic
Dipyridamole "Persantine" Class: Antiplatelet
Vancomycin "Vancocin" Class: Antibacterial
Atropine Sulfate Class: Antidysrhythmic/Anticholinergic(prevents spasms)
Erythropoietin "Epogen" Class: Antianemic
Romazicon "Flumazenil" Class: Corticosteroid Synthetic
Estrogen "Estace" Class:Estrogen/Progestin
Testosterone "Androderm" Class: Androgenic anabolic steroid
Metronidazole "Flagyl" Class: Antifungal
Acyclovir "Zovirax" Class: Antiviral
Ciprofloxacin "Cipro" Class: Urinary antibacterial
Penicillin Class: Antibiotic
Miconazole "Monistat" Class: Antifungal
Fligrastim "Neupogen" Class: Biologic Modifier
Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole "Cotimoxazole/Bactrim" Class: Antibacterial
Cyclosporine "Sandimmune" Class: Immunosuppressant
Azathioprine "Imuran" Class: Immunosuppressent
Bethanechol "Urecholine" Class:Cholinergic/ Urinary tract stimulant
Oxybutynin "Ditropan Class: Anticholinergic
Tolterodine "Detrol" Class: Cholinergic receptor blocker
Furosemide "Lasix" Class: Loop Diuretic
Myambutol "Ethambutol" Class: Antitubular
Streptokinase "Streptase" Class: Thrombolytic enzyme
Enoxaparin "Lovenox" Class: Anticoagulant/Antithrombolytic
Osmitrol "Mannitol" Class: Diuretic
Aldactone "Spironolactone" Class: Potassium sparing Diuretic
Heparin Class: Anticoagulant/ Antithrombolytic
Warafin "Coumadin" Class: Anticoagulant
Chlorothiazide "Diuril" Class: Diuretic/Antihypertensive
Phenytoin "Dilantin" Class: Anticonvulsant/Antidysrhythmic
Created by: celiaw19