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RADT 456: Eq. Oper.

ARRT registry review covering equipment operation and quality control

Which type of radiation comprises 70-90% of the x-ray beam? Bremsstrahlung: pg. 431
What principal factor affects the quality of the beam? kV: pg. 434
The gradual decrease in exposure rate as radiation passes through tissue is called what? Attenuation: pg. 434
During this type of interaction, a low energy x-ray photon gives up all its energy to eject an inner shell electron and also produces a characteristic ray. Photoelectric effect: pg. 436
What are two types of radiation that are produced at the anode through energy conversion processes? Bremsstrahlung & Characteristic: pg. 431
What term refers to the distance between two consecutive wave crests? Wavelength: pg. 432
What principal factor affects the quantity of the beam? mAs: pg. 434
This type of interaction contributes significantly to patient dose. Photoelectric effect: pg. 434
This type of interaction has a high energy x-ray photon that ejects an outer shell electron, contributes to image fog, and poses a radiation hazard to work personnel. Compton scatter: pg. 434
What kind of interaction occurs between x-rays and matter with a very low energy x-ray photon that interacts with the atom, disappears, excites the atom, returns to normal state, and emits an identical photon. Coherent scatter: pg. 436
Frequency is measured in what? Hertz (Hz): pg. 432
When there is varying amplitude and periodic reversal of polarity this is known as what? Alternating current (AC): pg. 437
Step-up transformers increase voltage and____ amperage. Decrease: pg. 441
What are solid-state diodes, made of semi conductive materials that permit the flow of electricity in only one direction? Rectifiers: pg. 442
What type of transformer requires AC for operation and operates on the principle of self induction? Autotransformer: pg. 441
What two materials is the anode disk made of? Molybdenum & graphite: pg.445
What two materials make up the focal track of the anode? Tungsten & rhenium alloy: pg. 445
What percent of the kinetic energy of the electron stream is actually converted into x-rays? 0.2%: pg. 447
What are some common causes of tube failure? Vaporized tungsten, pitted anode, cracked anode, gassy tube: pg. 449
When the effective focal spot is always smaller than the actual focal spot this is known as what? Line focus principle: pg. 448
When determining heat units using 3 phase 6 pulse equipment, which factor is used? 1.35: pg. 451
What are the 3 portions of the x-ray circuit? Low voltage(primary) circuit, high voltage(secondary) circuit, and filament circuit: pg. 451
When determining heat units using 3 phase 12 pulse equipment which factor is used? 1.41: pg. 451
T/F The exposure switch and the mA meter are both components of the primary circuit? False, the exposure switch is correct, but the mA meter is located on the secondary circuit. The kV selector is a component of the primary side: pg. 451-455
The depth of the block is the number of bits required to describe the gray level that each pixel an take on is known as what? Bit depth: pg. 458
What are the two types of computer memory? RAM & ROM: pg. 466
There are how many generations of CT scanners? 7: pg. 474
T/F The rectifiers and the x-ray tube are a part of the secondary circuit? True: pg. 455
Created by: Almehringer