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Parole italiane 1-A

Italian words

il stoino doormat
la mensola shelf, bracket, cantilever
il secolo century
la mostra exhibition - as in art exhibition
la pinacoteca art gallery
raffigurare to depict, represent, symbolize
a destra to, on the right
a sinistra to, on the left
il tifo fan - as in a fan of a team or group
il cartello sign, signpost, poster
il battello boat
qualcosa something
recarsi to go into (town, school)
anagrafe registration of marriage or birth
utente user, consumer, subscriber
succesivo/a following,next
il riassunto summary, abstract
sterminato/a immense, endless
spazzare to sweep, sweep up
avviarsi to start out, to be about to
emozionante exciting, thrilling, moving
scivolare to slide, slip
rannicchiarsi to huddle, crouch
scosceso/a steep
fitto/a thick, dense, impenetrable
la scadenza deadline
eppure and yet, though, nevertheless
dissestato/a not smooth, bumpy
ruvido/a rough, (as in texture)
la piuma feather
aggiungere to add
impiegare to use, employ, spend
invece instead, but
entrambi both
sotto under,south of, less than, under influence
appena just in time, hardly,
riuscire to succeed, to be able to, to be, to go out again
sebbene though, although
perfino even
Created by: lizadeeza