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1456` Printing press is invented
1492 Columbus discovers America
1522 First circumnavigation of globe
1588 Spanish Armada is defeated
1607 Jamestown is founded
1620 Pilgrims land in Massachusetts
1754 French and Indian War begins
1765 Stamp Act is passed
1775 Fighting and Lexington & Concord
1776 Declaration of Independence signed
Washington teeth were made out of tusks
Adams first president to live in the White House
Jefferson spoke 6 different languages
Madison smallest president at 5 feet 4 inches
Monroe first president to ride the steam boat
Quincy Adams first president to be photographed
Jackson only president to kill a man in a duel
Van Buren born after July 4, 1776
Harrison president for only 31 days/1 month
Tyler loved kids, had 15 children
Polk survived an operation without anesthesia
Taylor kept his warhorse on the White House Lawn
Fillmore created the White House Library
Pierce charged for running over an old women
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