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Smith 5 Stems 20

announcement public or formal notice of something that has happened or will happen nounce - tell
regulation a rule to be followed reg - rule
telegram a message transmitted by telegraph gram - write
regent someone who rules on behalf of a monarch reg - rule
active to be constantly busy doing things act - to do
announce to make something know to everyone nounce - tell
actor a performer in plays, movies, or tv act - to do
justice the fair and equal treatment of all people jus - law
just something that is fair and right jus - law
action the state of being active; something done act - to do
regal befitting a king or royalty reg - rule
monogram an initial or letter usually embroidered gram - written
pronounce to enunciate or articulate words nounce - tell
regalia clothing or articles worn by royalty reg - rule
judge to decide upon critically or hold an opinion of something jus - law
justify defend, explain, or clear away; to make excuses for jus - law
Created by: smithnebo