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imperfect vocab

poder to be able to
decir to say/to tell
ir to go
recomendar to recommend
permitir to permit
comenzar to start/begin
empezar to start/begin
llegar to arrive
poner to put
perder to lose
ocurrir to occur
cambiar to change
aceptar to accept
volar to fly
pagar to pay
sevir to serve
sacar to take out/remove
mantener to keep
tener to have
necesitar to need
caer to fall
acabar to finish
contar to count; to tell a story
conocer to know somebody
entender to understand
tratar to treat
dejar to leave behind
intentar to try
ganger to win/earn
traer to bring
explicar to explain
preguntar to ask for information
pedir to ask(want)
ver to see
usar to use
rezar to pray
dar to give
regresar to return
devolver to return an object
escapar to escape
ser to be
estar to be
Created by: blancaestrada
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