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RADT 456: Equip&QC

ARRT Registry Review

The type of x-ray tube designed to turn on and off rapidly also providing multiple short exposures Grid controlled
True or False:Components of a CT gantry include a high-voltage generator, multidetector array and x-ray tube True
What is the relationship between kV and HVL? As kV increases, HVL increases
True or False: a backup timer for the AEC serves to increase or decrease master density? False
A slit camera is used to measure what? Focal spot size and spatial resolution
Characteristics of the metallic element tungsten include what? Ready dissipation of heat, high melting point and high atomic number
A high speed electron entering the tungsten target is attracted to the positive nucleus of a tungsten atom and in the process is decelerated. This results in what? Bremsstrahlung radiation
What is a charge coupled device used for? Used in digital fluoroscopy, replacing the image intensifier's television camera tube
A three phase timer can be tested for accuracy using a synchronous top. The resulting image looks like what? A solid arc, with the angle (in degrees) representative of the exposure time
Star and wye configurations are related to what? Three phase transformers
What is the device that directs the light emitted from the image intensifier to various viewing and imaging apparatus beam splitter
True or False: A characteristic of an x-ray photon is travelling at the speed of sound False
The kV settings on radiographic equipment must be tested annually and must be accurate to within +/- 4 kV
A device used to ensure reproducible radiographs, regardless of tissue density variations automatic exposure control
The image intensifier tube's input phosphor functions to convert x-rays to light
Amount of electric charge flowing per second Current
Characteristics of an x-ray tube target that determine heat capacity include what? Rotation of the anode, diameter of the anode and size of the focal spot
The brightness level of the fluoroscopic image can vary with what? mA, kV and patient thickness
Moving the image intensifier closer to the patient during fluoroscopy does what? decreases the SID, decreases patient dose and improves image quality
Advantages of battery powered mobile x-ray units ability to store a large quantity of energy and ability to store energy for extended periods of time
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