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Resp 11 II

CPT notes

What should CPT include postural drainage, chest percussion, chest vibration
Goals approve secretions, better RR, and distribution
What do you chart after treatment position and time, sputum, tolerance and problems
When is vibration performed on exhalation or expiration
HOw much is considered copius for secretion more than 25- 40 ml per day
Diseases that cause copious secretion CF, atelectatsis, bronchitis, aspiration pneumonia
How do you know what position to put the patient Progress notes, auscultation (listening), and x-ray
What is considered a flail chest 2 or more fractures on the same rib; on 2-3 ribs
Most common side effect from Trendelburg? hypertension
When do you monitor more aggresively while CPT If the patient has cardiac problems,
How many minutes do you do CPT 3-5 for each position
Basal lower
Supine flat on back
prone flat on stomach
trendleburg head down /
What does purse lip breathing do creates back pressure and therefore the alveoli opens up
where is the lingula upper left lower lobe
How does PEP therapy move secretions (accupella) fills under aerated or non aerated segments through collateral ventilation. - prevents airway collapse during expiration
Chest x-rays on COPD more blackness (air trapping) -angle of rib decreases (straighter) - heart shadow is compressed (long and narrow) - Diaphragm is flat
Created by: TnJFarrington12