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Study Guide I

Drug Fundamentals

Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space True
Most natural forms of matter are mixtures of pure substances True
When cleaning the hood it is important to remember to wash top to bottom and back to front True
An IV must be sterile True
Evaporation is when liquids turn into vapor True
During a cardiac arrest, the body becomes acidic True (NaHCo3 sodium bi carb)
An amp is made entirely of glass and must be filtered True
IV solutions are one phase, clear, and can have color True
The HEPA filter can filter viruses False (viruses are too small)
IVs must be partical free True
MDVs have a maximum volume of 30 mL and may be used up to 28 days after opening vial True
Single dose vials are good for 24 hours after opening the vial True
NS 0.9 grams of sodium chloride to 100 mL of IV fluid
D5W 5 grams of dextrose to 100 mL of IV fluid
D5LR 5% dextrose with lactated ringer's solution
Two other names for iron FeSO4, ferrous sulfate
Six things that must be checked by a pharmacist BEFORE you make it insulin, heparin, chemotheraphy/cancer drug, any controlled drug, any item for a baby, TPN
What parts of a syringe can be touched? flange/collar of syringe, barrel of syringe, flange/collar of plunger, needle cap
Which of the following will conduct an electrical current KCl, NaCl, NS, Kphos
Phosphates does NOT play well with 2 IV additives MgSO4, Calcium gluconate
The BIG FOUR elements necessary for human life carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen
Iv's must be one phase, can have color, sterile, particle free, pyrogen free
The smallest unit of an element Atom
An atom or a group of atoms with a leftover unbalanced charge Ion
A subset of an atom that does not contain any charge Neutron
A subatomic particle of an atom that holds a positive charge Proton
The smallest particle of a compound Molecule
0.1 mL ID
1 mL volume (but RNs prefer 0.5 mL) SQ
2 mL IM deltoid injection
Usually no more than 5 mL injected IM (glutetus maximus)
Injected into the cerebrospinal fluid, must be preservative-free IT
Define pyrogen fever producing
What is the standard concentration of injectable KCl 2 mEq/mL
What is the MOST common type of contamination touch
Which route goes into the fat layer (adipose tissue) Sub Q
Which of the following gauges has the SMALLEST lumen 27 gage
Electrolytes can conduct electrical currents
Water, sand, rust, ammonia, sugar, and alcohol are examples of compounds
Al aluminum
As arsenic
Ca calcium
CaCl2 calcium chloride
Cu copper
FeSO4 ferrous sulfate
Au gold
I Iodine
Li2Co3 lithium carbonate
Mn manganese
KCl potassium chloride
Na sodium
NaCl sodium chloride
MgS04 magnesium sulfate
HCl hydrochloric acid
ZnSO4 zinc sulfate
A pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical reaction is known as a/an element
All matter is made up of tiny particles called a/an Atom
These are composed of two or more substances and can be classified as either homogenous or heterogenous mixture
Pure substances made up of two or more elements joined together in a fixed proportion by weight and can be broken down by chemical means into its elements are known as componds
If an ion has more protons than electrons, the ion has a positive charge and is referred to as a cation
If there are more electrons than protons, the ion has a negative charge and is referred to as a anion
States of matter include solid, liquid, gas
The acid found in your stomach HCl
Magnesium salts cause dirrahea
Aluminum salts cause constipation
Acid react with bases to form water and salt
Wherever ___ goes, water follows Salt
KCl 2 mEq/mL
Sterile free from living organisms
What should be written on a single dose vial time, date, your initials (write on bottle)
When a solid changes into a liquid it is called melting
When a liquid changes into a solid it is called freezing
How many phases are in a solution 1
How many phases are in a suspension 2 or more
What are the proteins that can regulate the speed of reactions enyzemes
What component determines the atomic number protons
The standard metric unit for weight is grams
The ___ is the unit for measuring volumes in the metri system liter
How many states of matter are there 3
CHF congestive heart failure
D51/4 NS dextrose 5%/0.225% sodium chloride
CaCl3 Calcium Chloride
D5NS dextrose 5%/0.9% sodium chloride
CCU Cornary Care Unit
DX diagnosis
EPI epinephrine (adrenalin)
D51/2NS dextrose 5%/0.45% sodium chloride
D5LR dextose 5% in lactated ringers
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